17 Rules To Follow In The 2017 New Year

The time has come to put new year goals and give promises to yourself first of all. Someone will try to lose weight starting first days of January, someone will start learn English. Here is a list of simple but working rules to follow in the year 2017. There are 17 of them.

Thus, give yourself a promise that starting from New Year, you can do the following:

1. Stop taking each and every mistake of yours as a global scale tragedy.

2. Learn to accept compliments responding with gratitude instead of long vehement speeches that you simply washed your head.

3. Begin notice positive features within yourself instead of accenting on negative sides.

4. Stop doing the agreeable with others to the disadvantage of yourself.

5. Learn to say no, it is a very valuable skill.

6. Will do your job with such a quality as you only can despite your position, no matter whether you are a financial director or a cashier working in a supermarket.

7. Learn to smile and count up to three at those moments when you feel like arguing with someone.

8. Enjoy simple little things in life every day, a cup of cappuccino at a cozy cafe or a new red lipstick, vivid and bright.

9. Begin doing one action a day to start loving yourself.

10. Learn to accept everyone just the way they are no matter what a bad person is in front of you.

11. Not let grass grow under feet.

12. Forgive your parents/ex`s/nature and let it go.

13. Choose a healthy sleeping instead of nighttime parties.

14. Say yes if you are offered an adventure you have always dream to take part in.

15. Fight at least one fear of yours.

16. Begin say openly about your desires and needs to the world and your life partner.

17. Stop living in the past or future learning to enjoy the moment here and now

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