Alternate for Guthi’s Character in Comedy Nights with Kapil

This is news everywhere that Guthi’s Character played by Sunil Grover has left the Show “Comedy Nights with Kapil” due to some conflicts as discussed earlier here…

Well, according to news updates this is very much clear that the new Alternative to Sunil Grover for the Role of Guthi can be our All Time Favorite Raju Srivastava. We have seen some great programs and some movies which presented the comedy of Raju Srivastava, so can he be the Next Guthi in “Comedy Nights with Kapil”.

We have also seen both Kapil Sharma and Raju Srivastava worked together in some Comedy Shows earlier and have been good friends. Raju Srivastava have been offered to join “Comedy Nights with Kapil” as Guthi, but not such confirmation is received yet.

Raju Srivasava as Female Character

We all have seen Raju Srivastava in various Female funny Characters which made people Laugh a Lot. May be the next female character for Raju Srivastava goes with Guthi’s Character. Let’s see what will people going to see on “Comedy Nights with Kapil”.

Twist of the Story:

On the other hand Raju Srivastava have admired the situation and considered that Guthi shall be free and allowed to create laughter anywhere. No one can stop Guthi from making People laugh at any place or anywhere else, as this is Guthi’s Right. This way Raju Srivastava felt that the Notice issued via Chnanel against Guthi is absolutely wrong and further the Sunil Grover is willing to start a Brand New Show with the Guthi’s Character.

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