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It is extremely necessary to create Site Inter-Linking as this feature helps in increasing Page Views as well as Page Rank. Almost every New and Old Bloggers knows about Inter-Linking to Increase Page Rank and keeping a Visitor Busy and Engaged in Reading Blogs.

So coming to the point and solution for converting this issue into a help for all Bloggers I have searched and successfully used WP Plugins for this Problem. It is highly recommended to all Bloggers to bring out some extra time for this WordPress Plug-in and Built a great solution to it.

Automatic SEO Links – Introduction

This is a perfect solution of automatically creating or attaching links to some special keywords that you set manually every time creating a Posts or Articles.

How this Plug-in Works for Automatic Links?

This plug-in when installed and activated creates a table in the WordPress Database. You have to adds links to keywords used in your Articles and Posts once in the Plug-in Database and after which all the Keywords present your Posts or Articles when published will automatically going to get linked to the linked URL via Database.

Benefit of using this WordPress Plug-in?

It doesn’t matters that you are creating New Posts or Articles but this Plug-in successfully acts at the same time on all the exact words available on the Same Website you are Running. You don’t have to re-update posts for the old keywords again and again rather just try this out and be happy with the Successful Results.

How to Install This WordPress Plug-in?

Use WordPress Installing Method Normally and Search for “Automatic SEO Links” or if you want to Download this Plug-in then, “Download Now From Here

For Details refer: WordPress Plugin Installation Guide

How to Create Links with Automatic SEO Links?

1. Go to Dashboard of your Site.

2. Go to Settings and then under settings tab choose for Automatic SEO Links.

3. Click on Add Link the only available option.

4. Use Keyword (single or two only) in the Word option.

5. Target Link in the URL option.

6. Any Title in the Title option which appears on Link Hovering.

7. Select Target option which you want (best option is blank so the link opens in new tab and visitor won’t be losing current page)

8. Finally, if the Link is External (not belongs to same Site but belongs to you) choose external or No follow if Site doesn’t even belongs to you – from REL option.

So it is finally done and now enjoys Blogging with having a great relief from Adding Links to same Keywords with same Destination again and again.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What if the Inserted URL or Target has to be changed in future of a Keyword? How to Replace a Link associated to a Keyword?

This is a very Interesting Query if comes in your mind as you may have requirements regarding this issue in future. For this you will need to edit Database Tables stores in your WordPress Installation Database by finding the keyword and target link to be replaced with the New URL.

Who are familiar with making changes in the Database can easily makes changes there by replacing Old URL with the New URL. But, if you are not familiar with Database Editing Methods then, please follow this method (Click here).

What if we need to use Another Link to a Keyword which is already defined with Automatic SEO Links?

This is really an advantage of the plugin that it seeks for the blank Keywords only and ignores the keywords which are already Linked manually by the Author. Thus, this is a very intelligently designed WordPress Plug-in which doesn’t overwrites manually linked keywords.

So, you are free to attach as many links as you want even on a Predefined Keyword and Automatic SEO Links will replace keywords which are blank and are used as simple text.

What About the keywords used in headings, title, widgets etc.

This Plugin is designed with such a management that it ignores the content which is not added by the Post or Page Editor which ignores all the keywords to be linked if used out side the Posts or Pages. Secondly, the Plugin is based of sources result which doesn’t allows it to work on keywords which are enclosed in tags other than normal paragraph style.

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  2. I’m using automatic seo links but where can you view your full table of links to make sure you don’t replicate keywords?

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