CCleaner The Best Way To Keep Your Computer System Clean And Fast – by Himanshu Goel

This Thing Will Provide You Maximum Performance (With Others) But To Be Used In A Certain Manner


Yes, CCleaner Is A Freeware Software Which Can Do Best Cleaning Of Your Computer System To Be Optimized And Utilized Regularly For Best Results. This Software Helps To Keep Your System Clean And Provides More Better Performance. Many Of You Would Already Be Using It Already But, I Might Be Sure That They Didn’t Know How To Use It In A Best Possible Way…~! Well Today I Will Tell You All How You Can Use Ccleaner At Its Best Optimization So That You All Can Get Some Benefits Out Through.

Above You Can See The First Step Took After The Installation Of Ccleaner & Is Opened Including Second Picture (Which You Can See After The Mouse Is Over The Pic). You Have To Check For All The Check Boxes Available For Ccleaner Except For The Last Ones In All The 4 Cases… Well, If You Want To Configure Internet Explorer According To Yourself Than You Can As This Will Delete All The Shortcuts, Bookmarks, Cache, Etc. Saved In Internet Explorer Except For The Saved Passwords (As Suggested By Himanshu Goel).

Secondly, You Can Go To Applications And Set Accordingly,But I Do Not Recommend To Do For Options Available There Except For Any Other Browsers (If Installed). Let The Rest Of Them Go For It And Feel The Light Working After Every Use Of Ccleaner. And Now, Step For The Option Series……

Now, Next Is Registry Ccleaner Settings Which Is Very Simple, As You All Need To Do Is “Scan For Issues” & After That “Fix Selected Issues” If Issues Are Shown To You (It Asks For A Registry Clearing Back Up, Well If You Want You Can Keep That With You But I Never Need). Also, Repeat The Process Until It Shows “No Issues Were Found” As Sometimes All Problems Are Not Sorted Out At Once…

Now, Moving Towards The Next Option Which Allows You Some Options Which Windows Do Have But Here It Is Specified At One Place.

Here, You Can See In Tools

  • Uninstall
    • Which Is A Part Of Control Panel Options. From Here You Can Remove Any Unwanted/Unwilling Installed Software/Application Installed In Your Computer System, Slowing Down Your Windows.
  • Start Up
    • Leave Start Up Option From Here (It Can Be Done In A Better Way Click Here ).
  • System Restore
    • This Option Lets You To Restore Your System To An Earlier Point Which Is Used In Many Ways To Sort Out Huge Problems Due To Small Mistakes (Click Here To Know…) Which Takes Your Computer To An Earlier Time Settings (Perfectly Working Condition).
  • Drive Wiper
    • Drive Wiper Is Not For General Use As The Name Itself Describes That It Can Erase Up All The Data Presented Of The Selected Disk.

Moving Towards The Final Step That Is Of Options. Here You Can…

See The Picture Carefully And Like This Just Select For

  • Settings
  1. Run Ccleaner When The Computer Starts
  2. Add “Open Ccleaner” Option To The Recycle Bin Context Menu

This Will Make Your Ccleaner Work Every Time You Starts Or Restarts Your Computer & Will Clean Up All Space Acquiring Extra Content From Your Windows Drive Along With This It Will Empty Your Recycle Bin (If You Do Not Want Recycle To Be Included Than Go To 1st Part Remove Check Tick From Option Of SYSTEM – Recycle Bin) & With This Every Time Your Computer System Will Start As If Yesterday It Was Installed (Always Like A New Computer). You Can Also Clean Up In Between From Option Of Recycle Bin Folder On The Desktop (Open Ccleaner) Than Look At The 1st Step Showing Button Run Ccleaner. This Lets You To Remove The Ccleaner Icon From The Desktop.

  • Cookies
    • We Don’t Need To Go For Cookies Until Or Unless If You Desire To Allow Some Cookies Of A Specified Sites Which Are Familiar & Trusted By You (Not Recommended).
  • Include
    • This Allows You To Add Some More Folders Into The List Which Can Be Selected In 3 Options (Only File / Files & Sub-Folders / The Selected Folder). You All Must Be Thinking That How This Can Help But I Assures You This Can Help You Extremely If Resulted Out With The Perfect Additions. Like You Can Add Some Folders Of Online Installation Files When You Ask For An Online Games They Forcefully Adds Their Toolbar Etc…
  • Exclude
    • This Features Lets You To Avoid The Automatically Cleaning Of A Specified Folder (If You Need Temp Files/Cookies For Some Particular Application You Know) – Never Needed Yet To Me…
  • Advanced
    • Opens The Advanced Options Of Ccleaner, Well Except (Delete Files That Are Older Than 24 Hours) I Haven’t Used Any. This Can Help You Out In Ways When By Mistaken Something Is Deleted And You Have Started Ccleaner Or Shut Down/ Restarted Your Computer System, This Will Lead To Non-Deletion Of Instant Deleted Files For Up-To 24hrs.

    Presented by,

Himanshu Goel