Futuristic Cybertecture Egg, Architecture With High-Tech Solutions at Mumbai, INDIA

In The 21st Century, Buildings Will Be Different From 20th Century, They Are No Longer About Concrete, Steel And Glass, But Also The New Intangible Materials Of Technology, Multimedia, Intelligence And Interactivity. Which Has Already Been Started With The Amazing & Beautiful Creation Of James Law Cybertecture Has Developed This Project For The New Central Business District Of Mumbai. Text From The Architects…

When Talking About Mumbai, It Is The Most Populated City In The World, With The Extreme Technology And Rich People Residing Their And Maintaining Such A Huge Business Environment. Being Residing Of Poor People, The Poverty Spread All Over With The Category Of People Who All Are Not Added In The Census Count Statistics, Still The Mumbai Is One Of The Biggest And Most Important Part Of Asia When Considered Along With The Stock Exchange Market.

Lets Talk About The All New Cybertecture Building Which As Amazing As You See A New Species… These Kind Of Development Can Lead To An Great Name Of The Place All Around The World With Its Uniqueness. This All New Egg-Shaped Building Is Designed With 13floors Of Offices To Work For And Is Accommodating Around 32,000 M2 In Area.

The Glasses At The Outer Cover Of This Building Are For Solar Cells Which Help In Reducing The Temperature Along With The Reduction In Power Loads By Providing Some Power. Another Amazing Thing Is About The Natural Vegetation At The Top As You Can See An Elevated Garden. At This Point The Solar Photovoltaic Panels And Rooftop Wind Turbines Are Set To The Cybertecture Egg To Provide Onsite Electricity, Along With The Water Conservation Plans With Much More…

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Himanshu Goel