How to Download Online Videos on PC Directly using Tools

Now-a-days most of the Instructions and other required training sections are provided by people with online Videos. The most capable and running online video source is YouTube and even now to have fun people are posting funnier videos on Facebook too.

Well, there are many other sources for Downloading Online Videos but the matter of fact is that How to Download some videos on PC so that we can save our internet resources and can watch them anytime without Internet Services.

Here we have bought and will discuss on some ways of downloading online videos directly on your Computer Systems (PC). First of all if it is about downloading a video from Facebook or YouTube then there is a better way of downloading videos on PC by using another method which doesn’t require any Software or Tools.

Browsers Compatibility for Downloading Videos with These Method

See: How to Download Facebook and or YouTube Videos w/o software

We will be discussing these methods only for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox only. There are more options for other browsers but I stays on these as downloading video needs internet services only no matter which one is your favorite browser (may be Google Chrome) and thus, you can browse videos on your favorite browser if needed and can finally open the Final URL on either of the Two Browsers.

Let’s begin with Internet Explorer

There is a freeware source known as “Free Download Manager” which when installed adds a download button on any video when played in a compatible browser.

See: Download and usage Instructions for FDM

Earlier, this software worked for both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer but recently with Firefox updates this extension has stopped working. But, it still works fine with Internet Explorer but for that you need to allow Download options from your Internet Explorer Browser Settings.

Note: Using FDM for downloading videos on PC advantages even for Facebook videos along with other video options like YouTube etc…

Let’s begin with Mozilla Firefox

Congratulations for all who uses Mozilla Firefox and doesn’t want to add many software or tools on your PC to keep it lighter and faster. Mozilla Firefox provides an Add-on extension with the name “Flash Video Downloader” which gives a download button whenever a video is played in Firefox Browser.

Here is the Download Link for Flash Video Downlaoder

Or you can simply go to Mozilla Firefox Add-ons extension and search there for “Flash Video Downloader” and install directly without downloading it on system.

You can download video into multiple formats with this add-on tool as desired…

How to Find Add-Ons options in Mozilla Firefox?

To open Add-Ons manager you can go to the main menu and go to tools menu and click on Add-Ons or simply, press ‘Alt’ then ‘T’ finally ‘A’ to open it directly

Note: Do not press the all 3 keys together they have to be used in specified order.

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