How To Make A Link To Open In A New Tab With HTML Coding

Opening a Link to a New Tab is the most common, Important and Effective feature in all Websites and Blogs. Thus, this not only let’s you to show path to the other Important Articles or Posts, but also increases the Site Traffic which is very important for doing good SEO.

What Kind of Links can be opened in a New Tab:

1. External Links

2. Internal Links

Before we start with how to open links in a new tab, first, we must know a little about the External Links & Internal links and what they Effect with the Post or Article.

What are External Links:

External Links are those links which takes a Reader or Visitor outside from your current site or Domain Address. the External Link can be judged with the URL path of the Link. It actually connects 2 different Sites or Blogs together which is Sometimes Required.

eg. “” is the current site and the link is taking to the “” and so on. it can be checked with the initial path of the URL, rest full path is associated to that initial path only.

Ques: Why do we use External Links to our Site?

Every Type of activity is Equally Important and Necessary to be used. Well, there are circumstances when we need to Interlink two different sites together whether the Other Sites or Blogs are under us or not. These circumstances can be from any of the following:

There can be many other reasons for using external links as sources in our Posts or Articles, you will find out time to time when you’ll start blogging in a better way.

What are Internal Links:

Internal Links are those links which takes a Reader or Visitor from your current Article to Another Article or Page or Post with in the Same Site only. These Kind of Links are used for the purpose of SEO & Inter Site Linking Features. Again an Internal Links can be Judged via its URL itself, eg. ““.

Note: a Sub-Domain is Counted as a different site so it will be considered as an External Link whereas a Sub-Directory will be a Part of An Internal Link whether it contains a Different Site Installed or Running. Read More >>

Solutions for how to Open a Link In A New tab

Any Link whether an Internal or External, created either on a Static Website or a Dynamic Platform, or using any Platform or Site Builder, has its own HTML Code which is enclosed with in <a> tag.

Eg. <a href="URL">Keyword</a>

In this case, the “Keyword” will be linked to the URL Assigned to it and when clicked will open on the same tab revising the previous page. this was a simple <a> tag. now, by adding Target=”_blank” to this link will going to open in a new tab, see how

Eg. <a href="URL" target="_blank" >Keyword</a>

So, by adding the above Target Command – the following links assigned with this tag will going to open in a new tab, whether the URL has a Internal Link or External Link.

You must be wondering that when both kind of links are diverted by this way then, why the Author is teaching about both the kinds of Links, well, the easiest answer to this point is in a complete Article which you can find Out here.


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