How to Write A Good Post In WordPress Site or Blog? How To Make It Attractive & SEO Friendly?

How to Write A Good Post In WordPress Site or Blog?

So, what do we need the most to attract people from our Post or Articles while Blogging?

This is a very long post and for Bloggers Help, so if you are a Blogger and really need some useful tips, go ahead for complete Article else visit to Other Articles. If you want you can Choose a Specific Topic.


The Heading is the Most Important part of your current page while making it visible to others. If i am not wrong, when we were at school, our Teachers always asked to read newspapers daily. I remember that me and my friends were Not Interested in doing so, they (Teachers) always keep tracking us and made us to start it with reading Headings only.

And when we started doing so, we skipped many news but, do had a look on Some Articles Fully where we felt the Heading were interesting – which assures that the Headings are the most important part for a Good Article.


I still remember when we started growing our Reading Habits, we increased it with the next step of Reading Method – which is none other than Sub-Headings. therefore, when an Article is written it must have a Good Title and Great Sub-Titles to grab the attention of the reader over the content.

It is the next most Important thing in the whole content as it is equally valued to the main topic of the article as, Heading is Important for the Article, similarly, It is Main Heading for the Below Provided Para-Content which actually describes the Matter of The Page.


The next thing which grabs the attention is theKeywords which are highlighted some how either by making it bold or italic or even underlined. some, uses the method of strike-through eg. Starting Domain Costs @Rs650 Rs199 only. There are many other ways of using highlights in a post or article like using padding or Indent, a big or small tag, changing color contrast of the Keywords etc.



Well, the complete article or post has to be fully described and relevant to the original topic only. one must concentrate over the starting lines of the Post or Article. Accordingly, all major search engines uses initial 160 Characters of your Article as Meta Keywords by default if you haven’t mentioned any Meta Tags for that particular Blog Post or Article.


Visual Effects: Eye Catching

I still remember when I Started Blogging and asked a friends to check it out for me, the first reply was where are the Images it looks boring to just read and read like a lengthy never finishing book, I mean I was stunned with that comment and got the point of using 2-3 images in every article or post before it is published.

Think, if I would not be adding any images here and you just have to read and understand will it be okay with you guys! So, it is important to use relative 2-3 images in a post or article depending upon the content and the length of the article.

Using lists for the important points or using Blockqoutes:

Yes, it is very Important to mention unique things and Keywords while writing a Post or Article on any topic. like mentioning all the content of an article which is described below(from top) with in a list at the top so that a reader can go to the Topic which he/she was searching for out of these. just like in the same very Article/Post at the top the List of Sub-Headings are listed for the Below Provided Content.

Paragraphs up-to point:

Don’t push your paragraphs too much lengthier with mixing of multiple points. this way reader gets Annoyed and jumps out of the article or even your blog. as there is Unlimited Options to search for the same (unless you have the monopoly) by just searching through Major Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo Etc…

You have concentrate over writing about the same concept under which Sub-Heading you have chosen or simply, for adding multiple information just try to add another paragraph (something like this one). also, try to finish up the content simple and short within 2-4 points itself.

Start Aggressive and Finish Effective:

This doesn’t means that you start typing anything just to grab the attention of the reader and then following with the un-Related or stupid content, which is really not required or values or links to the Title or any of the Sub-Title. this stage states that you must start with the relevant topic from the beginning til the End Part of the Article ensuring the complete attention of the reader to the Blog.

In-Between Do not puzzle your Readers with Other Things and let them be Interested and Concentrate in what they are Enjoying Reading. Don’t show them 2 ways in between (make another with Inter-Site Link either in between or at last). Your Ending must be like a New Beginning.

The Finish portion is also as effective as the beginning as the beginning part just engages a reader to Read the whole article only, but the End part emphasizes on the move or return to the Blog & Blog Posts. If, you satisfies with the End-Part Equally, you get the chance of reader to get engaged with the other Topics as well and the return for your Next Topic.

Language & Grammar (Perfect)

Unlike, news papers or magazines, our blog posts and/or Articles do need a special re-check for Language Grammar Errors (if any). Well, there is a simple and smart trick to check your Grammatical Errors (if any) – just make a habbit of creating a Post or Article Offline on a Word file, and do select the default language of your PC with the Language you are using for your Web Blog Or Site.


How To Make Your Post Attractive?

 Categorizing & Tagging to Right Place:

No matter, if your post is a series of a running category or starts a new series or is a one time Article, you have to use specific Categories and Perfect Tags to the Post or Article created. the post must go with the title assigned under the Category with content Defining Tags, so that one should find it to the right place.

Author’s Profile:

I have noticed that many of the blogger don’t have updated their own very profile with which they login to their site and creates a post. specially the new ones are unknown with the value of completing author’s profile which is the first and really important task to be done when a blog is started.

As, when the article or post is completed and if reader wants to know about the author, some are really interested in knowing about the Author. so you must maintain your Public Profile with Respective Image.



Every New Blog Post or Article must be Different and Unique with the other posts of your Blog. People/ Reader likes new Content and new Topics instead of repeating and manipulating old Posts or Articles to maintaining a blog. Fresh Content and Fresh Content is Appreciated whether it takes much more Time than other posts, but, making common posts again and again you will loose returning Visitors and I must tell you Returning Visitors are much more Important than One Time Visitors.

Blog’s Layout:

Above all the mentioned Methods and Tips now you must concentrate over few most important things and if you read this post itself thoroughly, you’ll know about these points (below) far better.

  • Search box (with keywords)
  • RSS feed & updates
  • Be Specific with the Links provided for easy reach.
  • Images – Visual Support
  • Link to your best content – reasons to Comeback
  • Don’t overdo links – Readers get puzzled
  • Watch ad space – use proper ads places
  • Encourage comments – Ending part must grab a comment for you
  • Add sharing buttons – extremely useful
  • Breadcrumbs (helping users navigate)
  • Test the blog for speed – so that, you would know when site is going better
  • Check your blog in different browsers – Compatibility Issues (if any)
  • Pick a powerhouse blogging platform (e.g., WordPress, Blogger etc…)

How To Make It SEO Friendly?

What Does Search Engine Likes:

It is mentioned on This Blog about the Google Likes – which says that increase in search results found by Search Engines by following some of these steps:-

  • likes text – Font Styles, Colors, Alignments
  • likes formatting – Heading , Subheading, Paragraphs, Categorizing
  • likes freshness – Original Content
  • likes accessibility – Inter-Linking Connectivity to Right Page
  • likes outbound hyperlinks – more knowledge or sources
  • bots isn’t psychic, so remember to link your pages
  • likes you to tell it where you are – Steps or Series (if any)
  • likes experts – Who maintain all these steps

How will they (Search Engines) Help us?

It is very much obvious that by spreading about your Site or Blog you will be able to approach within your limited circle and/or second circle (their references). But, with the help of search engines and with your proper implementation and promotion(optimization) with Search Engines, the other Unknown persons will also get in contact and touch and will remain if and only if your Content is Appropriate for them.

 Why they Should know about your work?

Simple, look above in the article, it has already been Discussed in Description. Moreover, they are the one who can give business to us if we rely on them and feel that we need them (everyone needs them), else to competitors who rely on them and shows their need (by working out SEO).

When will they (Search Engine) Appreciate our Work?

They will appreciate your work and put them online on search results as soon as you will use some unique terms and sentences which according to you someone will search when he/she needs the same content which your are posting. i.e. Title, Subtitle, Keywords, Highlights etc…

Web Master Tips –

Always, Think once before or after writing the Article but before Publishing (Finally Posting Online), about your Title comparing with the Content of The Article keeping Yourself at Visitors View. i.e. being Visitor what you will search to find something like this…

Always, try to share information which is absolutely unique and different from other, the concept should be original (not copied) as copying the content of a Running Article won’t let you overcome that, but, new competitive and informative information will definitely let you be the first one.

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