How we can use our flickr account for promotion

Flickr account is a part of “yahoo!” the name itself energizes the web. As we all know yahoo and can trust on it for our documents and other options. This is really a great media option for all of us as it can keep a lot more than we can think it would.

Our flickr account has recently been upgraded and has become more advanced and more useful than before. Here we can upload our videos and our photos of any quality of any size at any time. The good thing is that likely to some of the good sites flickr has a tendency of allowing us to keep uploads personal or show them publicly. Another good thing with this account is that it keeps our images copyright protected in case we don’t want to share.


  • The best thing I liked about the flickr is that when we upload an image in our photo stream it gives a great look and view menu to us to find out the uploads.

  • We can use tags, categories, groups and description of uploads which further helps in distinguishing from each-other.
  • It also does a great job for us by resizing image into various standard sizes (no matter how large image we uploaded) which can be downloaded or shared easily.

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How we can use our flickr account for promotion?

It is as Simple as passing time with Facebook. Confused how, let me elaborate a little bit more to you about this in few simple yet important points:

  • Uploading great pictures or wallpapers with titling the name at the bottom or middle or at the top of the image.
  • Be sure to share the non-personal uploads publically when you upload the file so that it can be visible in the flickr updates. This will just let others to share images but won’t let them delete.
  • As flickr is a big name and a part of a search engine, thus has better results of SEO(click here for more details) which can let other to search your content by search results and will promote your name mentioned there.

Other purposes of using flickr account:

  • It keeps our important pictures online safely, which can be viewed or downloaded at anytime or at any place around the globe.
  • It also do the same for our personal or public videos uploaded.

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