In Kerela Trees Are Moved Completely Without Harm From One Place To Another – Incredible INDIA

Today We Are Going To Discuss Over A Great Topic Of Trees. As We Know That Trees Play The Most Important Role In Our Lives, As They Provide The Most Necessity To Survive Such As Food, Oxygen Balances Atmosphere Etc…

Recently, When I Was On My Fb Account I Saw An Article Floating On My Wall Which Was About Nature And Being A Nature Lover I Just Thought To Share It With All Of You Guys Here At Our Own Www.Reliable4you.Com Where We Share What We Got And Can Demand All What We/You Need…

According To That Article, In Kerala (India), As You Can See In The Picture That When The Laborers Are Setting Up A New Establishment (Construction Of A Building Or A Whole New Map Of The Place), They Never Drop Down The Trees That Stand On The Property Which Are Grown For So Long And Are Strong Enough To Make Their Hold For Years To Provide Us With All The Trees Do.

“This Is One Of The Greatest Thing I Got Knew And Hopefully At least I Would Follow This Path In My Life, If Got A Chance Somehow Or Else Once Should Plant At least A Single Tree In His Own Life Span Either Own His Own Or By Somebody’s Help – But Should.” – Acc. to Me (Himanshu Goel)

Instead, They Dig A Hole Around The Tree And Push It Aside Along With Its Roots With So Ease So That The Tree Could Survive At Its New Place And Continue With The Support And Their Natural Effects. These Trees Are Capable Of Making Strong Holds To Their New Place Because Of The Roots Still With The Tree And The Base Is Safely Moved To Its New Place.

This Is About The Kerala, INDIA And Hopefully Should Be Made Compulsory According To Me For The Whole Country As These Dropping Down Of Trees Have Lead To Dryness Everywhere, The Metropolitan Cities Are Completely Under The Control Of Pollution Where People Can’t Even Take A Deep Breath If Standing Outside Their Home Or In Open Atmosphere.

At Least Now, When We Know A Better Way Of Making New Without Drowning The Old Things Than I Must Say “It’s Never Too Late To Start For A New Thing” And These Concepts Of Changing The Way Of Working Should Be Advanced For Now On For The Better Future Of People And The Up-Coming Generation Or Else The Up-Coming Generation Would Be Reading In Books About The Trees Like We Did Studied About The Dinosaurs…

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