Life Of A Blogger, How A Blogger Works & Results

Life Of A Blogger – How A Blogger Works

After so long there is a post not related to Blogging Tips but is completely related to all Bloggers. therefore, all who reads this article please appreciate our personal feelings behind this.

Who is actually a Blogger?

A Blogger is a person who works Day & Night (even crossing midnight just like for this article) to share unique information around the Web to earn a living. A Blogger has to work extremely hard after all these competitions to grab the attention by presenting the fastest information to the Followers / Readers / Visitors.

One must Respect a Blogger for such a hard work and complete dedication on updating every single reader with unique and important information. This can be done by sharing the Articles of the Blog to Social Networking Sites or simply by leaving good comments on that Article. You can Subscribe to a Nice Blog if the author really impresses you with some good articles and you need to know more by that Blog or blogger.

Note: If you are a Visitor or Reader than your sharing and comments would be appreciated. A Blogger is requested to share this on his/her Blog, please use a backlink.

What is the thinking of Readers or Followers about the Blog and its Author?

It is examined that many people thinks that the Life of a Blogger is extremely amazing. They really feel that a Blogger easily grabs the attention of Visitors by creating simple articles which can be created within a short period of time. According to them Blogging is too easy and providing content is very more easy than viewing it. Well, some feels that a Blogger works simply 11 am to 7 pm a Day and earns too much than they worked for, and expected income according to these category of people earns more than $1,000 per month.

What actually a Blogger is in Real Life?

Well, the first truth is that Life of a Blogger is really amazing and interesting as a Blogger needs to learn first before sharing the unique and important information with all over the Web. But believe me it is extremely difficult to start grabbing the attention of people initially as this the only fact that what information you provide, most of it is easily available from other sources like TV, Media, Internet etc.

Writing articles is not so easy and to challenge this you are most welcome to submit a Guest Post and this will also provide you the actual of How 2 create a Good Post. The truth is that sometimes it may take more than a Day or Few to create a single Good Quality Article.

How much a Blogger earns through Blogging?

Rest, talking about income via Blogging, this can really cross the income level of $1,000 per month, but to have a great income level of this such level takes a great dedication and most importantly a Extreme Good Luck to reach at this. Well, if we talk about all this in real world and consult with bloggers and all connected people the income result is really too low initially and you never know when it will increase or a blogger loses hope and leaves Blog.

Initially a Blogger start earning with about $2+ per month (the Fact), you may not be believing but you should or try Blogging and you will surely believe it (HA HA HA) J.

What a Blogger gets more than Income via Blog?

Bloggers very first income is the first comment on his/her Blog whether left by his or her relatives/ friends or by any known person and in case of a new blogger even a spamming comments excites a lot.

A Blogger is extremely glad with all his subscribers, as this states that they appreciate the Author of the Blog which is not less than an Income (earned respect).

Bloggers Mind, Before writing the post with complete dedication and hard work, all efforts should result with some beautiful Likes & Shares of the Article Published.

When the above ways of income successfully enters in Bloggers Life then it increases double interest (interest in Blogging & interest on money where money is valued to the above 2 income).

Also when all above things comes into a Bloggers Life, two things also enters i.e. Name and Fame in their circle including all those who are connected to the Blog and its Author.

Finally, when all the above things are received by Blogger, like: Comments, Subscribers, Interest, Name & Fame, and then how come money can leave him away.

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Thus, all this depends on the good people who appreciate the Author and the Blog, by following the easiest possible support for bloggers using any of the above mentioned ways.

Thanking You,

Himanshu Goel