PPT 2 Video Converter – How To Make Video From Pictures Along With Sounds & Text

Presentations Are The Best Way To Convey About Your Project

How To Make A Video Presentation From A PowerPoint Presentation File(PPT)…?

Any Presentation Is Extremely Powerful Way To Explore Your Views And Consent Them In Front Of Others Professionally. Presentations Are The Best Way To Attract People For An Individual Proposal Which Can Be Broadly Expanded With The Help Of Video Sharing Process.

Now, PPT 2 Video Converter Lets You To Create A Video File Out Of A PowerPoint Presentation File Which Also Delivers The Fast Communication And More Attraction Towards The Projects Created Over A PowerPoint Presentation. This Converter Lets You To Record & Show Most Of The Elements Along With The Sound Recorded In The PowerPoint Presentation. Other Ways Of Video Files Can Be Created Such As Educational Programs For Small Children, Or Animations Containing Video Files As PPT 2 Video Passes Animations Too, In The Video Converted.

We Are Using & Talking About E.M. PowerPoint Video Converter, Which Is A Freeware Software For Everyone And Sorts Out The Requirements Of Converting PPT Files To Video Files. Below You Can See How Much Advanced Features You Can Use Of This Converter And How Can This Converter Is For Use Etc… (Click Here To Download PPT 2 Video Converter)

As Soon As You Click Over The Button New Task -> Add File(S)/Folder And After You Selected The Particular File(S)/Folder A New Window Appears As The Above Picture(1/2) You Can See. Here The First One Appears For Selecting The Video Output Format For The PPT Conversion To Video. After That You Can See The Second Picture Various Things Are Highlighted For You To Be Illustrated Individually Which Goes As Follows:-

  • The Top Most Round You Can See The File Is Attached To Be Converted
  • New Task Button Which Opens For Adding The PPT File(S)/Folder To Be Converted To Video
  • Convert Button Starts The Conversion Process.
    • If You Don’t Want To Change The Default Settings Press Convert As Soon As File Is Attached For Conversion.
    • Else Use That Button After You Made All Other Changes To Finally Convert The PPT File To Video.
  • Delete Button Which Is Used To Remove An Attached File (Does Not Deletes File From Your Storage Device(S))
  • Trim Button -As You Can See In The Above (2/2) Picture Trim Pop-Up Window Is Opened Showing Starting Slide Number And Ending Slide Number To Be Entered As This Will Make A Video With Those Limited Entered Slide Length Only.
  • Enable Sound Lets The Sound Narration If Added In PowerPoint Presentation Will Also Be Added To The Video Output Or Else Create A Sound For The PPT Which Can Later Be Added To The Video With The Help Of Format Factory Converter.
  • Record Audio Lets Converter To Add The Narration As Audio Of The Video File Else You Can By Checking Add A Audio File To Set That File For The Audio Generated For The Converted Video File From The PPT File
  • Formats Button Allows You To Change The Format Of The Output Video Is Selected.
  • Video Quality Button Allows You To Set The Video Quality Of The File Converted By Converter
  • Finally, The Options Buttons Which Opens A New Window With 4 Options As Follows ->

  1. Audio Options – Lets You To Select The Type Of Audio Channel -> Audio Format ->Sampling Rate Of The Audio -> Bit Rate Of The Sound -> Finally Adjust Audio Volume For Higher Or Lower Sound Output In The Video. (Disable Audio Won’t Add Any Audio To The File)
  2. Video Option -> Lets You To Select The Video Codec’s For The Video Conversion -> Frame Rate -> Bit Rate -> Than Activate High Quality Settings -> Advanced. (Disable Video Will Just Extract The Audio Of The PPT File).
  3. Video Re-size Lets You To Select A Standard Frame Scale For The Video Conversion Along With The Aspect Ratio.
  4. Video Crop & Pad Allows You With Cropping And Padding Of The Video Conversion By Enabling The Respective Check Boxes To Use The Feature.

Finally, Choose The Output Folder For The Converted File (Well, Software Will Automatically Open The Folder Where The Files Is Sent After The Conversion) Note : While Video Conversion The Software Will Play 2-3 The Video Output Of The PPT File – Let It Go As It Is Do Not Cross The Window Else File Will Corrupt.

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Presented By Himanshu Goel