Things to be Considered:

1. All agreements can be renewed at anytime time before it gets expired (but at the current prices, if updated).

2. An old agreed Advertisement will not get effected with the Price Updates and will remain running.

3. Payments have to be made in advance for the complete Agreement Period or else it will be considered as a Short time period Agreement and the second part payment will be accepted as renewal.

4. You Advertising banners have to be neat and clean, non-vulgar, non-Adult, user friendly, and must comprise with all policies.

5. You are allowed to change your banner one a week with prior Notice and Verified Banners will be replaced with the Old One.

Note: If you want your Advertisements to be kept on hold you will have to apply for it before 2 days and be sure before you do it as when you will ask to Advertise back on Site only the free space available at the current period will be used to put them back.


1. When a Banner is removed either due to completion of any Agreement or Putting on Hold the next place holding Banners will be updated in upwards direction Automatically without any extra Charges.

2. You are not allowed to challenge for the lost position of your Banner but can request for it Again.

3. You cannot ask for a Premium Places at normal prices even if they are kept as a free space.


1. The Place chosen earlier by someone else cannot be removed or re-positioned until or unless the Advertisement is removed with the End of Agreement.

2. You can apply and wait for that particular position till it becomes again a free space.

3. Any Rule or Content of this Page can be updated anytime so it is requested to re-visit this page before you go for changes in Advertisements or Applying for New.