What Is A On-Screen Keyboard & What Are The Benefits Of Using On Screen Keyboard

Hopefully, Most Of You Must Be Knowledge With On-Screen Keyboard Feature Of Microsoft Windows Which Is Available In All Under Use Versions Of Microsoft Windows (Win XP, Win 7, Win 8). We.., The Question Arises How Many Of You Really Know The Advantage Of This On-screen Keyboard Function Provided By The Microsoft Windows :-

Possibilities You May Be Thinking Of :-

  • Many Of You Would Be Thinking That It Is Used When The Keyboard Is Not Working.
  • Some Of You Would Be Thinking When A Single Or Some Particular Keys Not Working.
  • Some Could Say That It Is Just For Fun Or Simply A Feature Provided By Windows To Show Off.
  • Rest May Know Some Other Uses Of This Onscreen Keyboard (If You, Plz Share That Too).

Well, Guys Its More Than Mentioned Above As This Feature Can Be Used For Various Important & Purposeful Features. Before Continuing With The Important Features Of On-Screen Keyboard, Lemme Consider That Most Of You Must Be Knowledge With The Online Payment/Transaction Sites Or Url’s Mostly Provide Their Own Onscreen Keyboards. But How Many Of You Know This & Why Do They Provide This Feature Which Does Pays Them At The Time Of Its Use But Costs When Created For Use…?

The Onscreen Keyboard Is The Most Useful Feature In Windows, Especially If You Are Working Online. You Can Keep Your Passwords And Usernames Along With Other Information Safely (To An Extent) By Entering These Keywords Via Using Onscreen Keyboard. These Online Banking That’s Why Asks Its Users To Use Onscreen Keyboard While Doing Online Banking.

Therefore Even I Uses This This Feature Commonly And Feel Comfortable By This. As You All Should Know That Every Key Of Your Keyboard Has Its Default Value Which Is When Pressed Provides An Information To The Hackers Or Hacking Tools (If Any). But In Case Of Onscreen Keyboard This Cant Be Tracked As Onscreen Keyboard Is A Virtual Keyboard Being A Software Part Of Windows And Thus Is Safer Than We Can Expect.

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Himanshu Goel