What is Content Hiding? Why and How to do This? with HTML Codes

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After a long period of time some really useful and interesting HTML Commands are going to be shared Today. This will really gonna help you a lot and many out of you will gonna say to themselves that “Oh Man! I was searching for this thanks!”

What is Content Hiding?

Hiding something from being visible to General Public but is recognizable to Search Engines or Stored Data in the Database at Server for records like- common entries, unique serial numbers etc… This way your visitors won’t be able to see the content you locked behind the Browser Screen and also, the Search Engines will Index that Hidden Content you want to be traced.

Secondly, if you are not doing this for Search Keywords to be tracked by Search Engines but only for user registration form submission or other services to grant them some Unique Keywords or Phrases etc. this method is Extremely Successful and Powerful.

Why to use Content Hiding?

Sometimes we need to Hide Content from Visitors or Readers but need to show/ mention to Search Engines.

In these some cases where you need to use some Search Keywords or Tags (now-a-days less useful). For this kind of requirement you can use HTML Hiding Command for going on with the keywords.

More importantly, it can be used and is in use by many for the Form Submission with a revert – Auto-Generated Keywords/ Unique ID numbers which is received in the mailing process but not visible on the Form Filling Screen. Get the contact form submitted with the Required Fields only and let the common or unique information be hidden and received via E-mail Services only.

How to use Content Hiding?

First of all we need to create a Style Class for hiding particular HTML Tag while writing a Perfect Post or Article. so just add these in your styling sheet .css once for all so that it can be used whenever and where ever required on any Page or Post with other content.

margin:0 0 0 -9999px;

See: How to Add Custom CSS Or Styling Tags without Interrupting original CSS File or no Customizing feature in your WordPress Theme.

By adding these (above) codes in the Styling Sheet.css you can hide any thing from your webpage which will be traceable by Search Engines and Stored Values at Database but won’t be visible to General Public/Visitor.

Well, above code is just the base to this trick, you need to Add Manually the class “.hideMe” to every single Tag in the HTML/ Text Editor within the Opening Tag.

for eg. if you want to hide any sentence or keyword just Tag it between a Span Tag with class hideMe

<span class=”hideMe”>Hiding Content</span>

just use the above HTML Code anywhere in your Web-Page where you want to Hide Something and Replace Hiding Content with whatever you like to Hide from it. You can use these HideMe class Tags in other options also, either for tables, para’s etc…

Try its fun and useful too and for any help or guidance you need, feel free contact me or drop a message below.