Why and When Should I Schedule Future Posts

This is really one of the common thought of every Blogger who thinks before taking a Gap reasoning may be studies, examination, traveling around the World, or something personal. But the question arises that what to do with the blog as keeping a Blog Idle for a longer period can affect the Google Site Ranking.

So what can be done to maintain site without logging-In?

Well, WordPress has an inbuilt feature of making scheduled posts or pages i.e. creating a complete post before the actual publishing time of it. Scheduling future posts is really easy and interesting feature powered by WordPress Blogs or Sites.

You can create some posts like wishing about any festival or making announcements or starting offers or any thought in your mind meant for sometime later etc. These kinds of reasons are very much positive to create a post in advance to be published in future.

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What are the benefits of making scheduled posts or pages?

This is really important and easy to understand concept that the more frequently your posts have to be posted rather than posting too many together. All our Visitors, Members, Guests and Major Search Engines love fresh content, no matter how much you give together but it’s all about How frequently you provide the fresh content so that visitor can easily enjoy your content.

Another thing is that regular posting helps in improving Page views as well as site views, due to the excitement of older visitors which drags them to your site in search of new posts you provides regularly.

This also helps you out in case if you are out to somewhere due to any reasons and unable to work on your site or blog than these scheduled posts acts as a manager for a while (period to which posts have been assigned) in your absence. Which alternatively doesn’t leaves an empty or negative impression on your visitors…

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How to manage scheduled posts and what to keep scheduled?

Well, this may be very creative in thinking that what could be the subject and concept of doing do. I mean keeping scheduled posts is good but what kind of posts can be scheduled so that they can be instantly published on fixed time (in future) and thus, site doesn’t acquires much attention.

For this: firstly we shall concentrate on posts to schedule such as thoughts, tips, tricks, instructions, etc… which do not have any fresh and competitive appearance like Gizmos, Gadgets, Technology Updates etc…

secondly, we must go with the right time management as the time of your WordPress Installation and your PC does not match together. this is up to you that how you can calculate the time of your Hosting Services and your Computer System together to manage the correct publishing timings…