Why Do We Create A Forum?

What is a forum?

A Forum consists of the comments and comment threads posted by other users or members. A Forum is a website community over a network.

Why people choose to create a Forum?

The Forums have their own advantages like once they are in the knowledge of people they provide the easy solutions and tips for the Problems to which people have been searching and/or Facing. A Forum provides the facility of discussing topics and issues consulted all over the web-world, and the person who has the Answer or Solution can provide it in their own ways.

A Forum can be created for any kind of topics or categories, universally. They can be used for sharing information based on technology, media, health or any kind of Topics or Services. Even a company can create and run a forum to provide easy FAQs to the Users or Customers directly published online to reduce their workloads.

Additional Benefits of creating a Forum?

Once, your Forum is in the market and running with good response and increasing members than you can see that, updating a Forum involves all the members and doesn’t bounds only you. When there are too much members coming and responding to the New Topics then, it is very clear that whether you are involved or not the Forum is running with regular updates even in your absence.

As we all know that to have a good ranking in the search results a Domain Name really needs lots of updates and its regular updates. This doesn’t ends here but is concerned with the Original Content too which is fortunately present here as it may be possible that the Topics asked are the same but their answers will surely differ from others.

How to create a forum and what are the requirements?

Well, there are many free Forum Platforms that can be used for creating some forums out of which you can use Free Platforms like PHP-BB & SMF which just needs to be installed and you are ready to go on.

You need a Hosting Service with MySql Database which will maintain data and Run your Forum.

What If you are using Linux Servers (Cpanel Hosting) Plan for your Domain or Sub Domain or Sub Directory than it is very easy to get started with PHPBB. You can find out one click installer for PHPBB or SMF (Simple Machines) from your Control Panel itself, just follow the steps:

1. Login to your Control Panel

2. Go to Fantastico Deluxe

3. See on the left panel there you can see the Option for PHPBB & SMF under Discussion Boards (select one)

4. Fill up the details asked for and continue till the Forum is Installed

Now you can check your Forum and login to check whether it is working correctly or not. If not then you must retry it as you could have made some mistake in the procedure or ask me to elaborate it more to you. If Yes, working correctly then congrats and Start Spreading and Sharing the details of it into your circle to get more members to work on it.

Note: as soon as you get logged in for the first time you can delete the default demo topic posted on wall. Browse it well to understand it for the first time and just try to grab attention of people Around the World. —–  Best Of Luck !

What if you are using a Windows Server (Plesk Panel) Plan for your Domain than you can follow these steps to install a Forum on your Domain or Sub Domain or Sub Directory.

First you can check if your hosting service provider is providing with one-click installation to follow above mentioned procedure. But, if not, then simply follow the below steps to install a forum manually.

Steps to Install A Forum Manually:

1. An installation setup of a forum. You can download it from multiple sources available just search with “forum download” and you will see many results.

2. An FTP Client is needed to transfer files from your Computer to Host Server. You can use Filezilla (freeware) tool to do so or even you can upload directly via Plesk Panel.

3. Creating a MySql Database for Forum and adding Database info with Forum Installation Setup.

4. Start Installing Forum by visiting yourdomain.com/forum directory/install.php and just follow the simple instructions.

Finally, Launch the Forum and start customizing after getting logged in.

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Note: these free Forum setup are availed by their original creators and thus are supported by them only. So for more details and issues you can check the Forum (which you have chosen to use) Site, and leave your queries there itself.

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