World’s First Curved Display OLED TV & Curved Flex Smartphone

So this time the Technology is showing a Brand New face of it, with creating things with Physical Flexibility. Earlier, we discussed about a Mobile Phone by Samsung which excited us all with its unique and flexible display (curvy in nature), but now it’s time with more designs and updates….

Now, LG Introduces World’s First Curved OLED TV and Curved Flex Smartphone

As I mentioned above about Samsung’s Introduction of a Mobile phone with Flexible Display, Now, its Korean Competitors are going one step ahead with introducing an innovative both the Television and the Smartphone! LG, one of the world leaders in electronics known as Life’s Good, to get back its position at the Top.

Finally, LG proudly announced the India arrival of the world’s first stunning range of curved products – world’s first LG curved OLED TV, Model No. 55EA9800 and LG G Flex Smartphone, the world’s first curved flexing smartphone.

What’s new in the LG OLED TV?

The industry’s very first curved screen LG 55? Curved OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TV features a path breaking ergonomic design with full CINEMA 3D support, cinematic experience and proprietary WRGB (White Red Green Blue color filter) technology. The incredibly thin display has a gentle inward flex design, removing the problem of screen-edge visual distortion and detail loss.


Features and Specifications of LG 55EA9800

World’s First Curved OLED TV
Paper Slim
4 Color Pixel
Infinite Contrast
Infinite Contrast
Perfect Viewing Angle
Clear Speaker for Crystal Sound
Comfortable 3D Glasses
Absolute Motion Clearity
Seamless Finishing
Can convert 2D to 3D to make a 3D World 4 You
Additionally it has a Magic Remote, Smart Share, Premium Content
55″ FHD 1920*1080, OLED
DTS Surround Sound System
3D Display with Dual Play option
Inbuilt C.P.U. with Wi-Fi for Multitasking with Dual Core Processors
Ready to Internet and Other Apps, with Skype etc…
External H.D.D. Recording Support with Scheduling
Audio & Image Viewer, USB & HDMI Supported & much more….

The Current Price The LG Curved OLED 55EA9800 is Rs. 9,99,000 (INR) According to Official Website of LG Products which is not a high amount considering TV makers are launching TVs for as high as 2.5 million rupees.

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