Amazing Water Clock at Osaka – Must Watch

Amazing Water Clock osaka

Amazing Water Clock At Osaka Station City Complex Located In The South Gate Building Of The New Osaka Station City Complex, Is A Large Rectangular Water Display Created By Local Firm Koei Industry, This Water Display Emits Illuminated Water Droplets In Carefully Controlled Patterns To Reproduce Images Such As Time Readout, Scrolling Patterns And Text.

Also, Check Out The Video Below To See How This Amazing Water Clock Works And What Is The Unique Flavor Of This Amazing Water Clock.

Amazing Water Clock at Osaka – Must Watch

It Seems That The Folks At Osaka Station City Couldnt Decide If They Should Install A Giant Clock, Water Fountain Or Artwork, So They Combined All Three. This Dot Matrix Water Clock Displays The Time, As Well As Pretty Graphics, Using Falling Drops Of Water.

You Can See That The Time Has Extended From 19:42 To 19:44 With The Gap Of 2 Minutes, Rest You Possibly Have Saw In The Video….

The Last Time I Was This Interested In A Water Fountain Was When They Put Pink Dye In The Water Fountains In Philly… But The Magic Wore Off When I Heard A Rumor That It Wasn’t Really Dye, But That Stuff That Changes Color When You Pee In It.

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