Artificial Beaches Are Getting Popular And Amongst Them One Is Seagaia Ocean Dome, Japan

Artificial Beaches Are Gaining Popularity All Over The World. As They Can Be Easily Seen All Around The World At Various Places Like Some Are In Monaco, Hong Kong, Paris, Berlin, Rotterdam, Toronto And Others, But The Biggest Among Them Is Seagaia Ocean Dome In Miyazaki, Japan About Which We Are Sharing Today.

The Ocean Dome Is A Part Of The Sheraton Seagaia Resort, Which Measures An Area Of 300 Meters In Length And 100 Meters Of Width, Along With An Interesting Feature Of A Fake Flame-Spitting Volcano, Artificial Sand All Around Just Like An Natural Beach, With Some Artificial Palm Trees And The World’s Largest Retractable Roof (Acc. To 1993), Which Provides A Permanent Blue Sky Even On A Rainy Days. Isnt It Cool When You Hear Something Which Is More Than Identical To The Nature Created By Normal Humans?

The Most Important And Adorable Thing Is That Here You Can Spend Whole Day With Stable The Air Temperature Around 30 Degrees Celsius And The Water At Around 28. The Special Attractive Feature i.e. Fake Flame Spitting Volcano Becomes Active Every 15 Minutes And Spews Fire Every Hour, And The Incredible Waves Lash The Beach For Surfers’ Delight. Awesome

Another Good Thing Is That This Beach Can Accommodate 10,000 Tourists At The Same Time, And The Differentiating Thing Is That There’s An Actual Beach Only 300 Meters Away Still People Likes To Be Here.

History : It Was Opened In 1993.

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Himanshu Goel