Health Benefits Of Strawberries- By Kriti Sharma

If You’re Not Already A Fan Of Strawberries, You Should Be. Not Only Are They Juicy, Summery And Delicious, They’re A Healthy Punch. Strawberries Are Packed With Antioxidants (Like Vitamin C), Strawberries Offer A Wide Range Of Health Benefits, Some Of Which May Surprise You. Here Are 10 Reasons You Should Add More Strawberries To Your Diet.

Health Benefits Of Strawberries:

  • Strawberries Boost Immunity

    Strawberries Are An Excellent Source Of Vitamin C. Vitamin C Is A Well-Known Immunity Booster, As Well As A Powerful, Fast-Working Antioxidant.

  • Antioxidants
    Strawberries Contain A Chemical Compound Called Phenols. Phenol Is Abundantly Found In Strawberries Lending The Rich Red Color To The Fruit. Though Anthocyanin Is Known To Have Antioxidant Properties Within The Fruit. However, It Is Known That When Strawberries Are Consumed, The Body’s Uric Acid Levels Increase, Which Serves As An Antioxidant Agent
  • Strawberries Promote Eye Health

    The Antioxidant Properties In Strawberries May Also Help To Prevent Cataracts The Clouding Over Of The Eye Lens Which Can Lead To Blindness In Older Age.

  • Strawberries Help Fight Cancer

    Vitamin C Is One Of The Antioxidants That Can Help With Cancer Prevention, Since A Healthy Immune System Is The Body’s Best Defense.

  • Strawberries Keep Wrinkles At Bay

    The Power Of Vitamin C In Strawberries Is Vital To The Production Of Collagen, Which Helps To Improve Skin’s Elasticity And Resilience. Since We Lose Collagen As We Age, Eating Foods Rich In Vitamin C May Result In Healthier, Younger-Looking Skin

  • Strawberries Fight Bad Cholesterol

    Strawberries Provide An Anti-Inflammatory Effect, Which Is Also Good For The Heart. The Effect Of Strawberries On A Cholesterol-Lowering Diet And Concluded That Adding Strawberries To The Diet Reduced Oxidative Damage, As Well As Blood Lipids Both Of Which Play A Role In Heart Disease And Diabetes.

  • Bone Health
    Manganese Is Also Great For The Bones, Helping In Bone Building And Maintaining Proper Bone Structure. The Potassium, Vitamin K, And Magnesium In Strawberries Are Also Important For Bone Health
  • Improved Blood Sugar RegulationScientists Have Recently Discovered A Fascinating Relationship Between Intake Of Strawberries, Table Sugar, And Blood Sugar Levels. Blood Sugar Elevations From Simple Sugar Intake Can Be Reduced By Eating Strawberries.
  • Anti-Inflammatory BenefitsInterestingly, In One Large-Scale Study, Consumption Of Strawberries Did Not Show Anti-Inflammatory Benefits Until Strawberries Were Consumed At Least 3 Times Per Week. This Research Is One Of The Reasons We Recommend Inclusion Of Berries At Least 3-4 Times Per Week In Your Overall Fruit Intake.

  • Cardiovascular BenefitsAmong All Fruits Profiled As The World’s Healthiest Foods, Strawberries Come Out As The Best Fruit Source Of A Pivotal Antioxidant Vitamin C. Strawberries Not Only Emerged As The Best Fruit Source Of Vitamin C, But A Source That Provided More Than Twice As Much Vitamin C Than The Average For Fruits As A Group.


Kriti Sharma