How To Keep Body Fit And Strong

Some Healthy Ways To Keep Yourself Fit Perfect

Start Some Carbohydrates: Write It Down In Your Daily Schedule To Eat Some Carbohydrates And Be Proud Of Yourself. The Carbohydrates Are Especially Healthy For Us And Also Keeps Our Body Fit. But, Don’t Overload Your Plate With Strawberries, Bananas, Mangoes And Grapes, Instead You Could Eat A Kiwi Or Papaya After Breakfast Or Lunch And Grapes Or Mango After Dinner.

Say No To Skipping Your Meals: Always Have Your Meals And Don’t Skip Any Of Them No Matter Whether It’s About Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner. Our Body Gets Used To The Meals And We Should Follow Along. If You Start Skipping Of Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner, You Might As Well Say Goodbye To Keeping Your Body Healthy As This Results In Digestion System Get Ruined. But This Doesn’t Allows You To Get Started With Over-Eating, A Skipping Of Meal Means Not To Have Anything But Should Have A Small Amount Of Intake On Time.

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Say No To Junk Food: Avoid Eating Your Regular Junk Food Which Naturally Consists Of Packets Of Crisps, Sugary Food, Cold Drinks (Fizzy Drink), Etc. Try Eating A Bowl Of Salad Instead, Or Eating Prawns Instead Of Crisps. And For Better Strength, Drink Water Instead Of Coke. Water And Milk Are The Best Liquids Which Help Us To Be Fit. If You Drink Something So Unhealthy Regularly, As They Takes Away The Calories Of Our Bones And Sooner Or Later, We Wont Be Able To Move, Because Our Bones Will Be Too Weak.

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Visit Your Dietitian Or Just Maintain Your Diet Chart Regularly. Get Some Tablets For Yourself And Even Make A Food Schedule To Eat And Drink Which Has To Be Followed Very Carefully. If It Says Eat A Lot Of Carbohydrates (As It Should) And Avoid Drinking Fizzy Drinks: Follow This Carefully.

Carrying A Salted Peanut Helps

Wherever You Go, Have A Small Packet Of Healthy Snacks Eg. A Pack Of Peanuts. They Are Very Useful And Can Be Carried Around Long Journeys Or May Eat A Banana On The Way Out. It Will Be Helping You With Your Body And With Your Fitness. Don’t Avoid This Step.

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Just Control Over With What You Started! Once You Started Eating Carbohydrates, Try Your Best To Continue Eating Them. But, Do Not Exceed For Anything In Excess. You Can’t Have Carbohydrates For Breakfast And Then Left-Over Pizza With Hot Sauce For Dinner. Come On, Live A Little! The Food Pyramid Is Loaded With Stuff We Need To Eat And The Carbohydrates Section Is The Fattest. Follow It, Eat It, And Smile. You’ll Be Glad You Did.

Just Follow Above Mentioned Few Things To Keep Body Fit And Strong.

Warnings / Precautions:

  • Don’t Run / Jog Or Go For A Run On The Treadmill AFTER You Have Eaten. You Might Throw Up Because This Is Incredibly Bad For Your Digestion System.
  • Avoid Eating Junk Food.
  • Don’t Abandon If You Don’t Want.
  • Drink Water Regularly And As Much Body Requires.
  • Over Eating Whether It Is Nutritious Can Be Harmful, So Avoid Over-Eating.