Life Doesn’t Plays Until You Plays With It

Hi Friends !

This is as clear as watching the water through a glass made up of glass. yesterday, I searched for a Domain name and it was likely to adapt my requirements but, I delayed it for buying today. but, unfortunately, an company settled abroad bought it with in a maximum gap of less than an hour, can you believe it and if yes, you have a big heart.

but, if no then i must tell that even I wondered how come an foreign based person is interested in our .in (INDIA) level domain. well, this is really embarrassing that something you raised for tomorrow is not with you tomorrow. i got angry with this situation but what could be done and calmly new steps have to be taken (got new domain ““).

then, I realized that there was a saying which cannot be ignored as heard on regular basis.

“It is never too late”

but, you know what in my case, now I thinks

“It is never too early “

one must have what is needed as soon as option is there for you. well, alternatives are there but they are still alternatives not the exact copy of what we required. so, to all bloggers – I want to say this only:

“Get as soon as you see a good domain name for you, Grab It ! you never know in what ways or when you need or loose it.”

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