More Android Gadgets other than Android Smartphones

Hello Friends! Yes we are talking about Android Gadgets other than Android Smartphones that are available now in the market, running on Android Operating System.

Below we will discuss about Some Fantastic Android Gadgets? Confused?

Samsung’s First Android fridge

Samsung introduced its first Android fridge at the starting price of $3,700.

Samsung’s first Android fridge has an Android tablet embedded in the door which has a Wi-Fi enabled LCD that can display the time, the weather, even photos from your Picasa library, or entries from your Google Calendar.

This Android Fridge comes with some apps like Epicurious which provide recipes, a notepad and reminders on the fridge door, & Twitter + AP News app for the latest happenings.

According to the reviews by few consumer, there may be a few teething issues and design flaws. Another thing is the idea of rebooting your fridge to get it working properly just sounds wrong.

Android Televisions

LG’s Google TVs is an example of Android televisions that employs AndroidTV Connect allows the downloading of any Google Play app.

It connects with Bluetooth with a joystick-style QWERTY keyboard-cum-gamepad and accelerometer-equipped game-pad.

Android OS Cameras

Samsung Galaxy Camera (£335) is the camera that runs on Android 4.1 which allows photo sharing and back-up.

It features a 4.8-inch touchscreen, a 16.3-MP sensor, and GPS location-tagged uploads to Facebook and Twitter and a 21x optical zoom lens with 23mm aperture.

Android Gaming Consoles

OnLive, XBMC and TuneIn  integrated into its Android-based OS which can also host streaming video apps like Netflix and YouTube on its Android-based OS. Ouya features TuneIn,  XBMC and OnLive.

All these are the 5 Fantastic Android Gadgets present in the market. Apart from these there are many gadgets available that run on Android OS.

The most popular platform for smartphones and tablets has been creeping into other devices. We can see the sense in an Android TV or laptop, and there’s nothing that odd about an Android gaming console like the OUYA, but Android doesn’t belong in everything. The market is all set to be flooded with Android watches, and glasses won’t be far behind, but it gets a whole lot weirder than that.

Car with an integrated Android Tablet

This CAR with an internal Android Tablet is powered with some great Android car apps, but it is sure that soon we all will be seeing more and more cars with deeper Android integration.

Renault’s R-Link is the first move by a major manufacturer to include a built-in 7-inch Android tablet in its new line of cars. There are more than 20 helpful and useful custom apps designed to work with the system and they cover multimedia, navigation, communication, and more.

Alternatives: You can also buy third-party Android systems like Ca-Fi or Parrot Asteroid and fit them in any car. Soon will be easily available in the open Market.

It features  Bluetooth hands-free calling, FM radio with web access, voice-controlled track select from an iPhone , excess of maps and apps in its Android OS, by means of add-on USB wireless 3G dongle is needed to get online.

Washer/Dryer with Android Remote

Now, Samsung is working on an Android compatible devices offering a washer and dryer range that can be remote controlled by your Android smartphone or tablet. You can easily go to kitchen for other pending work to be complete and can easily monitor your Washer or Dryer via connected Android Devices.

You have to connect an external device as the Appliances themselves don’t really run Android, but they do have 8-inch touchscreen LCDs and you can control them via Android apps. You can start a new wash via app, but it’s really billed as a handy way to check on the progress of your laundry without physically looking.

Panasonic is working on similar Android remote control functionality for its whole range of appliances.

A desktop Android Phone (Land-line)

Now-a-days Touch is getting on everybody’s mind and the Revolution is determined to put Android tablets in everything.

Manufacturers have showed it off (Android Devices) embedded in a microwave, amongst other things, at CES over two years ago. One of the more revolutionary ideas was to use Android in a phone, a desk phone.

Does this make any sense of using a Desktop Android phone though most of the people have their own Smartphones in their pockets?

Business Entrepreneurs thinks that this would be great for business users because they could experience a limited version of Android on a touchscreen attached to an old school phone instead of every time taking their smartphone out of their pocket.

Oven – Kitchen Asset

Who could resist Dacor’s Discovery IQ Oven from just $4,500?

Configuration of Dacor’s Discovery IQ Oven, 1GHz Samsung processor, 512MB of RAM, Wi-Fi, and a 7-inch LCD.

Basically, the Discovery IQ Controller is a cooking app and guide which can be accessed on any Android tablet or smartphone on the same Wi-Fi network. It is filled with some good recipes and cooking instructions, and it even allows you to download other cooking related apps direct to your Oven’s Android.

There’s no idea of storage space provided but we can’t imagine that, working on a small panel on the front of your oven will be comfortable or not, but it does have stereo sound (have fun).

Android Smart Home Automation – remote switches

Yes, Idea seems to be a bit better than other experiments with Android Devices when it can become an actual regular usage. We can go with Light switches, thermostats, door locks – the idea of home automation via Android seems exciting but sadly progress has been slow due to reasons.

With Google’s Android@home department, home automation based around an Android OS should, by rights, already be with us. However, in the two years since we’ve been aware of Android@home, nothing has happened.

Pocket-Lint reports that the system configuration files within the latest 4.2.2 Android update mention Android@home. As the age of the Internet of Things begins, could we soon be asking Google to make itself useful around the house?

The Project started by Belkin’s WeMo range offers light switches, power points, a baby monitor, and a motion sensor that you can remote control with your Android device. There are a few other options out there, but they’re generally pretty expensive to set up.

Android Robotics – Remote Controlled Robot

What do you think about having your very own Android controlled robot?

There are loads of projects out there to use Android to run robots, some people’s favorite is this little fella. The Arduinoid Mk I, featured on Let’s Make Robots, uses a Galaxy S3 as a brain. Sadly, the reality of commercially available Android controlled robots is more like Sphero the Robotic Ball.

Android Smart Watches

Android Smart Watches for greatness in the coming years is a wearable tech, with smartwatches predicted to take over from fitness gadgets. This prototype, the Si14 WearIT Sports Watch, marries the two genres within an Android 4.1 user interface that although primarily aimed at athletes, can also host regular smartphone/tablet apps.

Could smartwatces be the dark horse of the Android revolution?

As well as alerting the wearer to Facebook updates and playing both music and video, Si14 offers lap timers and GPS mapping, but, crucially, also features ANT+ connectivity for data transfer that lets it connect to blood glucose meters and heart monitors.

The Si14 isn’t alone. I’m Watch is also Android based, though this Italian-made smart watch has its own app shop and runs a completely customized version of Android called I’m Droid 2. If smart-watches do take-off, it could really be a shot in the arm for the Android OS.

Android smart-glasses

Bye-bye smartphone. Out later this year, Google’s debut attempt to tempt us with its ‘smart-glass’ concept is Android all over, but it won’t be the only one.

Google’s smartglass is coming to your eyes this year

Google’s Glass Explorer Edition, which will use Bluetooth to link up to Android and iOS devices, features a transparent screen hosting an Android OS to create an augmented reality, while Vuzix will unleash its effort, the M100, which is also Android based.

With HD camera, GPS and accelerometers, the M100 superimposes computer-generated images and information on a tiny screen held just above the left eye, though it’s not transparent.

The M100 can connect to the web and has all the usual Android OS facilities, such as apps. It can also link to an Android smartphone and act as a hands-free kit, but can just as easily be used on its own.

E-Bike with Android Connectivity

There is an E-Bike by Ford which is really just a concept right now. Current info says, It’s a lightweight, unisex bicycle with an electric motor in it.

An Android smartphone can be attached to the handlebars tapping the sensors to get a read of the distance covered, speed, and even diagnostic data related to the internals.

The idea is that the E-Bike gives you a smooth ride by calculating how hard you have to pedal and then compensating for extra effort with the motor. Crazy or genius? We suspect the price tag might put it in crazy territory.

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