Samsung Galaxy S5 soon to launch in INDIA will success or not

When it comes to smartphones currently, The Samsung is the king of all smartphones with no doubt. Another reason could be the most trusted and best selling smartphones manufacturers currently and why would they will move down. It can be easily analyzed with the reviews over the Samsung Smartphones by their various users (under all category) which have also increased the Trust over the Brand.

If you are not a very much updated with Technology or new updates and/or doesn’t keeps interest in searching for more smartphones, then a person can easily have a Samsung Galaxy phone which is present in almost every segment for you to close your eyes and buy & you won’t be disappointed.

All new series of Samsung Galaxy has reached to Samsung Galaxy S5 which was launched in the Mobile World Congress (MWC), so there is nothing new that could happen in the India event on except for disclosing the price of Samsung Galaxy S5 in INDIA and the launch date.

Related Info: As per the announcement, Galaxy S5 comes on 11th April and the pre-bookings start from March 29th. It will be priced at around Rs. 51000, which has made me fall in love with my Nexus 4 all over again.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S5

Display: 5.1” Super AMOLED Full HD

Processor: Octa Core (Not the Quad core in India)

Operating System: Android 4.4

Camera: 16 MP (rear), 2 MP (front)

Memory: 2GB RAM, 16,32 GB Internal Memory (plus memory card upto 64 GB)

Battery: 2800 mAh (21 Hours Talktime)

Other Quality: IP67 Dust and Water Resistant

Assumptions and Reviews on Samsung Galaxy S5

The camera features are good and would encourage people to use their phone for the same.

The phone is Water and Dust Resistant (first for Samsung flagship) which brings it closer to Sony Xperia Z series.

There are battery optimizations for longer battery life which is really a plus.

While it might be a personal opinion, I think the screen of the phone is a little too big. It is now more of a phablet than a phone which is not good if you are interested in a powerful but smaller Android phone.

Secondly, the phone that is going to be launched in India will not have 4G. While, 4G is not a feature that is needed in the immediate future it surely will come into fore this year with Airtel and Reliance which are starting to setup the infrastructure for it.

Of course, Samsung can simply bring the other variety (Quad core) once 4G becomes prominent later but it would be a loss for those who buy this phone now. (But, may be 3G plans are enough good to use….)

Lastly, the price of the phone is over Rs. 50000, which sounds for making an option and competition i.e. one can have Apple I-phones and as much as Samsung is the most successful smartphone brand, it still doesn’t warrant a place in India where people will buy it instead of iPhone for the same price.

Another reason that I think people will long and hard is because at 51k, one would expect to use it for atleast couple of years, and with no 4G support (which is expected to launch everywhere by end of year), few have any real reason to go for such an expensive phone.

What are your views on this? Will Samsung reduce the prices soon or will the phone succeed despite its premium charge?