What a Superb Promotion of Ragini MMS 2 with Sunny Leone’s past

We have recently talked about Sunny Leone’s upcoming movie “Ragini MMS 2” which includes a Song of Sunny Leone (Hot Babe) with Hunny Singh (Cool Dude) and too much entertainment in the Movie as heard. Well, the thing is really interesting and even annoying to read but what could I do, can’t leave this Funny yet Interesting update I got.

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So, this is really a bitter truth came up once again and an old saying has been proved once again “What you did in the past will show its actual colors sooner or later in future

बीता हुआ कल आने वाले कल को बदलता ज़रूर है!

– लेकिन किस तरह बदलेगा सनी लियॉन का आने वाला कल!

According to sources, the new Bollywood Actress Sunny Leone with a unique past as compared to other Bollywood Actresses have came up with such an interesting yet funny/horrible act which can either Increase to a new Height or can Decrease beneath the surface Audience of the Movie – RaginiMMS2.

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It seems that the past of Sunny Leone will create a new success ladder with the promotion of RaginiMMS-2 on Adult (18+) websites, where she worded in past. When this was cleared that the promotion of RaginiMMS-2 is taking Place on such **** websites, she was asked about it and the response from Sunny Leone was,

“My new upcoming movie is filled with superb Glamor (promo is super sexy) & Horror and this is something which My Fans and Lovers likes about me… If this movie and its scenes are promoted even on such sites than I think its OK, as this will bring more business to the Movie… I don’t want my followers even at there don’t get a chance to miss my this Talent also…” by Sunny Leone.

This is Sunny Leone’s first clean and clear horror movie and about the movie is was also said,”Due to the presence of maximum Fans and Lovers of Sunny Leone on Adult Websites we are Promoting the movie RaginiMMS-2 there also” said by the C.E.O. of Balaji Telefilms.

Sources: Jagran news

Assumption: This will also going to promote movie internationally and can lead movie in knowledge of the people living Across the Nation (INDIA).