What Is A Hard Disk Drive – Utility & Optimization for Best Use

Hard Disk Drive – Use – Features – Optimization

What Is A Hard Disk Drive ?

The Hard Disk Drive(HDD) Is The Main Data Storage Unit Which Has The Maximum Storage Capacity As Compared To Other Storage Devices Of A Computer. The Operating System Along With The Software(S) & Applications Are Installed & Stored In The Hard Disk Drive Which Provides Quick Access To Large Amounts Of Data On An Electromagnetically Charged Surface Or Set Of Surfaces Called Platters.

The Basic Feature Of The Hard Disk Drive Is They Have A Huge Storage Capacity Compared To All Other Storage Devices. The Very Next Best Reason Of Using HDD Is That It Is Based On Platters (Remove Or Add Data Frequently Doesn’t Matters). A Little Portion Of The Total Space Of HDD’s Capacity Is Unavailable Due To Utilized By The File System And The Computer Operating System Internally, And Possibly Inbuilt Redundancy For Error Correction And Recovery. HDD Have The Advantage Of Its Recording Capacity At Low Cost As Compared To Flash Based Memories Like Pen Drives Or SSD’s. But Solid State Drives(SSD) Are Replacing These Hard Disk Drives Now-A-Days Especially In Portable Electronics Where Speed, Physical Size, And Durability Are More Important Considerations Than Price And Capacity.

Note : MAX OS X provides nearly complete storage available where as windows acquires space (varied & increased with the disk size(s))

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Others Types & Uses Of Hard Disk Drives :

External/ Removable HDDs Which Are Connected Via USB. They Are Plug And Play Drive Compatible To Systems And Features Large Storage Options With Their Unique Portable Design. External HDDs Are Available In 2.5″ & 3.5″ Sizes, Currently Available Range Is From 160gb To 2tb. Where 2.5″ Are Direct Plug using USB Interface And Play Whereas 3.5″ Requires USB Connection Along With A 12v Power Input. External Hard Drives Generally Have A Slower Transfer Rate Then That Of An Internal Connected Directly To The Mother-Board.

Till Now, Maximum Storage Capacity Of A 3.5” Hard Disk Drive Is Upto 4TB(4096 GB) Where As In 2.5” It Is Upto 2TB(2048 GB) & Finally In 1.8” (Rarely Used) It Is Upto 320GB Only.

Optimize Your Hard Drive In Few Easy Steps

1st You Need To Optimize Your Data Spaced On Your Hard Drive Check Copied Twice Something Or Some Huge Files Of No Need Or Unwanted Programs To Be Uninstalled.

2nd You Need To Clear Up With The Temporary Files Auto Generated By Your Windows And Other Applications/Software’s.

3rd De-Fragmentation Of Your Drives To Save The Disk Space & Could Be Utilized For Other Purposes.

These Were The Basic Three Ways To Keep Your Hard Disk Drive Healthier, Faster, And Optimized. Now You Can See How To Keep Your System Optimized, Faster & Healthier Than It Was Ever… (Click Here…)

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