Word Lens Incredible Visual Translation App – Now Free

I hope you people must be knowing about Word Lens App and if doesn’t don’t be sad as now you will know about it…

Word Lens is an Android /iOS App which easily translates the text (from any language to desired language, requires language updates) during visual mode via Smartphone Camera and doesn’t even requires Internet Connectivity to show results in real time.

Android/iOS: Word Lens, the app that can translate the words and language it sees in real time, is free to download today.

In the below video you can see “How Word Lens App Works…?”

The Best thing about this Word Lens App?

Google has purchased Word Lens, an impressive app that translates foreign languages in real time using the iPhone and Android smartphone built-in camera. It’s now free for a limited time period for use provided by Google available at Google Play Store to all users.

Additionally, all of the language packs added since it’s release are available for free within the app too. Though this App was already in market but was in a Paid version and required different language packs to be purchased. Though the App was really interesting and useful for travelers, Google might have thought of earning later via this and currently letting people to use and try this out…