A New Character May Enter in Comedy Nights with Kapil

Who will be the next Guthi in Comedy Nights with Kapil?

From the moment Sunil Grover who was playing Guthi’s Character in Comedy Nights with Kapil has left the show earlier and the search for his replacement is still going on. Finding a replacement of Sunil Grover is getting tougher than they felt they will be able to search for.

See: what happened to Sunil Grover and he left Comedy Nights with Kapil.

It’s been a long time that the discussion is going over the topic that who will perform for the Guthi’s character in Comedy Nights with Kapil. Well, recently we talked that the news released that the Raju Srivastava will perform for the Guthi’s Character but he didn’t responded yet to the offer.

Some people are thinking or hearing that “Gaurav Gera” who is playing a nice role in the serial Pummi Pyarelal will going to be the next Guthi but the fact is that he will join Comedy Nights with Kapil with a damn new character will be known as “Dulari”. This character of Dulari is for a temporary period so the makers of the Comedy Nights with Kapil, will get some more time to search and approve Guthi’s replacement.

Also it is very clear that if the character of Dulari will work fine with the show than there are chances of adding and replacing Guthi with Dulari. But still Guthi is Guthi and approaches for Guthi is still going on.

The latest thing is that the makers of the show have also approached Naveen Prabhakar for the replacement of Guthi’s character recently played by Sunil Grover. Now, the thing which left is a question that:

Who will be the next Guthi, Raju Srivastava or Naveen Prabhakar?

You can also share your views and let us know what you would like to see and your suggestions that who shall become the next Guthi.

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