A Simple Natural Process To Keep Yourself Calm Down, or Relax.

Its scientifically proven that splashing cold water into your face helps you calm down!

Once, I was reading somewhere about this don’t remember where, but, as it is my habit to note down some things if they are so important that can help in real. and after when I tried it and found successful i came up with the idea of sharing it with you all !

Most of us probably do it every morning, just to freshen up or as seeing our elders doing it. it can be any reason like once your teacher told you or you saw a friend etc. Of course this is not just about morning routines, as it also happens when you dive underwater.

The process may seem quick, but during those few seconds three changes occur in the body:

  1. Your heart rate slows down up to 25 percent.
  2. The blood flow to the limbs is reduced, just to make sure the brain and the heart receive enough oxygen.
  3. There is a blood shift, but this only occurs during very deep dives. This allows the blood plasma and water to pass through organs to protect them against the increasing pressure.

Now that you know this actually works, you could try it before a business meeting, an interview or simply a date. Even by using a cold wet towel, you can activate this reflex in order to calm your nerves.

Shared by,

Himanshu Goel