All About Google Adsense Account & Setup

Google Adsense Account is a part of Google Services that is most trusted Globally. All New Bloggers after having a broken Dream of creating another Social Network like Facebook, leads to the next option making their Blog at the top hit list and Run Google Adsense as soon as possible.

Many are having knowledge of Other Adsense Providers compared to Google Adsense, but still recommend Google Adsense at the first Priority.

List of Topics to be Covered

Requirements for Using Advertisements

Features of Google Adsense Account

How to Create Custom Ads Codes via Google Adsense Account

What to do After Getting Google Adsense Account Setup

Do’s and Dont’s with Google Adsense

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What we need for Publishing Google Adsense on Our Blogs

The very first thing that we are required to have a Google Adsense Account Approved to run Google Adsense (Advertisements) on our Blog(s) or Sites.

A quality running blog or site which is kept under Google Adsense Terms & Policies and you must have the complete access of it so that any changes required (which will be) made easily.

A little bit knowledge of accessing additional tools (Plugins) or HTML codes sourcing for the right placement of Google Advertisements or else knowledge of Integrating a WordPress Plugin.

Features of Google Adsense Account

Google Adsense provides more features that can be used to monitor site which helps monetizing your revenue with Adsense and therefore not limited to providing Advertisements only. One must use/ consider all the features provided by Google Adsense and Other Services Provided by Google other than Creating Advertisements. Although, all the features are useful, but we are going to discuss the important ones, Such as,

Publisher Identity – You can see that many places or use of WordPress Plugins to place the Advertisements require your Google Pub-Id which can be seen that the Top of your Google Adsense Account along with the Log-in Email Account. Just use the pub-0123456789(example) wherever required.

Scorecard – when you will log-into your Google Adsense account you can see in bottom right side there is a scorecard which monitors your Revenue Optimization, Site’s Health, Google+ Score Update through which you can check where you’re Site or Blog is lacking.

Policy Violations Tester – This tool can be utilized from the left menu of the Homepage of Google Adsense which shows Policy Violations warnings (if any). Do not let any violations occur to keep your Google Adsense Account Approved and Active (non – Blocked).

My Ads – This is used for creating relevant ads codes as required, Full Details Below.

Allow & Block Ads – This is really a good feature provided by Google Adsense as if you are running an Official Site or Blog, then I am sure you won’t allow Google to publish competitor’s ads on your Blog or Site. So, this features let’s you to choose various categories (upto 50 max) for not showing ads from them. You can enter URL’s, select Categories, Ads Networks, and bit more filtration for not showing unwanted ads on your Site or Blog.

Performance Reports – Another Analytics for your Ads Account. This monitors each activity happened on your Site or Blog containing Adsense Ads and can let you know the no. of Impressions, clicks, as well as Locations (countrywide), more which is further categorized into Daily, weekly or monthly basis. Also, it monitors which ads are getting better results so that if you are not satisfied with some ads then you can try changing their types or location or size to get better results.

How to Create Custom Ads Codes via Google Adsense Account

Log-in to your Google Adsense Account.

Click on the My Ads Tab Button along with the Home Button

Now click on the add new unit button to create a new ads code

Now fill up the required information which includes Name, Ads Type, Ads Size and rest you can customize if desired or else leave to default options.

Finally, click on the Save & Get Code button to have the new ads codes to be placed at the perfect location of your Site or Blog.

Once you have created some of the Ads Codes, you don’t need to create again and again different ads until or unless you want different types or sizes of ads or individual statistics. You can also place the same codes on other sites or blogs you own which complies the Google Adsense Terms & Policies.

Note: You can also create custom channels (if desired) for monitoring a group of advertisements.

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What to do After Getting Google Adsense Account Setup

Start monetizing with your Google Adsense Account (Approved).

Start Placing the Advertisement on the right places to get maximum revenue with more number of Clicks.

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What Should be Done and What Should be Avoided

Once you got Google Adsense Account Approved doesn’t means that you got all the authority with it. This means you are required to be more discipline and become more conscious about saving and maintaining your Google Adsense Account. Google has some strict terms and policies according to which your Adsense Account can be temporarily suspended or permanent banned.

It is really difficult to recover a banned or suspended account back in working position and moreover your IP and URL’s get rejection (HIT List). You must follow all the policies {Google Adsense Terms & Policies} which you accepted before applying and getting Approved Google Adsense Account.

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Consider a Follow up with the latest Google Updates by signing up with newsletters while creating and applying for Adsense Account.

Google is the master of all Adsense Service(s) Providers, so obey the Rules.

Don’t start too fast and in a hurry you might make some mistake that can lead to suspension or cancellation of your Adsense Account.

Differentiate Google Advertisements with your regular Content and Images.

Monitor your activities regularly as someone is there to monitor you too.

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