Best Tools for Using Android on Windows PC/ Windows 7

There are many tools which can be installed easily on your windows PC and and let’s you to experience Android Apps and Games with other Features on your Computers itself.

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Running out of patience doesn’t pushes the problems away, can’t have or don’t want to have an Android Smartphone only because you need it to connect with your friends who all are using android apps to stay connected.

May be another reason could be that you don’t want to spend money on Stupid Android Smartphone which is a Entertainment Box in your hand in place of a Mobile Phone but can’t even work when needed as a Mobile Phone.

Well, if you want to try out Android apps first before to switch over a Smartphone than you can simply use any of the following method to do so. One thing is really important now-a-days i.e. to stay connected with your friends and to do this you will have to follow them according to new trends, sooner or later.

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So, let us begin with the Procedure and various ways to create a successful platform for Android Applications to run and compete with Windows Applications. As the 1st choice in life is always for which you have the maximum trust, similarly:

BlueStacks – Android Emulator (.apk)

About: Blue Stacks is not an Android Module completely but, works best if you are only interested in installing and running Android Applications (.apk files).

The best part of Blue Stacks is that it covers the complete screen of your Computer Systems so that you can feel the size of the Player.

You can set up the way an Application shall appear on the screen i.e. Tablet Format (Horizontally) or Mobile Format (Vertically).

Blue Stacks come with many pre-installed Android Apps like 1Mobile Installer but you can opt for other installer too like Google Play Store, etc and download more apps via them. but there is also another better way of installing apps and that is download Android Application on your System and double clicks to install as other normal Windows Game or Software or Application. It automatically detects and adds app icon in BlueStacks.

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Most of the games works perfectly on Blue Stacks with the help of mouse but for the games which needs left-right thumbs to play, Touch Screen PC is far better option.

Flexibility: BlueStacks also works with your Android phone or tablet if you already have one. You can install the BlueStacks Cloud Connect app, available in the Google Play, to synchronize apps between your device and your PC.

Note: it is not an actual alternative to Smartphone for experiencing a smartphone rather this is another good thing as it support latest Android Versions easily and is updated whenever required.

Most Important: It is completely free Application.

YouWave or VirtualBox – Android Emulator

Well, this is a Paid Tool but it also provides a free 10days trial to use and this definitely gives a great feel of Android Smartphone as this Software just brings an Android Smartphone screen on your Windows PC.

The features and list or menu and other things are completely a copy of a true smartphone, what lacks is that you cannot have benefits of a Smartphone, in which Mobile Sim is inserted to get connected, but, all apps are working.

Also, you can even manage settings and learn more about Android Smartphone before actually having in your hands if you are interested in having one.

YouWave doesn’t come with too many apps pre-installed therefore you are required to download and manage them via Android App Stores…

Conclusion to the above reviews

Android is such an open Platform which allows various developers to create applications comparing to Iphone or Ipads, as the best thing is that Android can RUN on Windows whereas others don’t.

Performance may vary according to devices and hardware of your computer systems, even though you have more than normally required, there are still chances of feeling not so good when compare it with real Device Usage (limits or alternates are there).

If you have tried Windows 8 so far, then you can feel the difference in Android apps on PC & Android apps on Smartphone. Because, Android is meant completely for Touch, well Windows 8 Touch PC can perform better (similar) to provide the perfect input.

Well, there are much more Android Emulators from which these 2 have been approved according to me which saves disk space as well as allows to manage apps easily. secondly, they provides a better hardware configuration for your Android Experience…

Note: You must try to use a good hardware configured Desktop or Laptop as Android Emulators are small applications based on Windows Platform which creates a virtual environment for Android Apps, but when they are executed they do use original Hardware Resources which can slow down your PC if worked along with other things..

Well, these Android Emulators can work with your OLD Desktops & Laptops, what’s there to give them a try. If you have tried any of the above mentioned or other than these Emulators, you can elaborate a bit more about them via Comment box below…