How to Create a Scheduled Post for Site Maintenance

Hello Friends, till the time you would be reading this article and learn about How & Why & When to create a scheduled post for keeping your site in touch even if you are not in touch to it. Yes, this way we can really keep site up to date with required updates in case we need to drop working hours due to some other reasons.

Update: Guys this post was meant for 24th December 2013, but, unfortunately it was published on 1st January 2014 due to an unwanted error, which is resolved here…

What are the criteria of telling this?

Basically this is my first scheduled post which was created yesterday so that when I leave for few days on a Trip towards South INDIA, I can easily manage our “Reliable 4 You” with pleasure. Yes, this post’s publishing is managed by WordPress itself with a very common feature of setting a schedule to any post.

Note: this doesn’t ends with this article only i.e. from last few days as you can see that there were no articles posted. But, it was like they were getting prepared for the future test to clear and finally the time has come. Below you’ll see how to schedule a post.

What will happen after this Article Post?

Now, you will daily have some interesting articles to the related topics back to back, also, please do visit again later if any link was broken as either it is scheduled next to this article/ series, or the link is broken. When I’ll be back they I’ll surely Hit this New Year with a huge list of really unique and special things.

Happy Christmas Day & Happy New Year

in Advance

Well, the fact is that I’ll be back before or on New Year’s Day and will start from the real comeback point. There are too many things to share with all and believe me it’s my pleasure to serve you before you can think to ask it.

Let’s come back to the point that is about Scheduling a post for future publishing automatically. Well, there were 3 things hidden in today’s topic i.e.

Why shall we create a post publishing scheduled posts?

Answer is here itself that whenever you need to go somewhere or cannot give some time to your blog for a while, your visitors should not have a bad feel that there’s nothing new today…

Well, many of you must be thinking that when you have already created or completed some articles then Why don’t to publish it immediately. For this I can only say that there should always be a reserve point in whatever you do, because that reserves point warns you that you are lacking so that you can speed up or else lefts with nothing.

Secondly, posting all together doesn’t makes sense (even according to search engines) but, providing one by one in a manner leaves a better impression and a good visitor level.

When to schedule a future post publishing?

Well, according to me I must say that you must always have a scheduled post but not too much late, so that the content really doesn’t matters to readers. Eg. News & Reviews are not meant for future explanation where as Tips and Tricks are for forever…

So, for the next time if you create something which is only yours and has a flavor of uniqueness, then you must keep it scheduled so that it can be published when there is nothing strong update for a while. Similarly, I have scheduled too many even for the time period when I’ll back with great sources for you all.

How to create a Scheduled Post or Article?

Well, this is very simple to do. The WordPress is a power of flexibility and support; really Blogging could never have reached so far without this platform. Although, there are many other platform like Blogger,, Tumblr, and will be coming soon “” – an alternative to based on WordPress but its uniqueness will allow you to customize your site or blog a little bit. i.e. using custom css via widget.

So, to create a scheduled post you need to create a Draft first (how many have habit of drafting content, leave a reply below) as keeping a draft is really helpful and essential for a good blogger.

If you already have a draft then complete it and schedule it or create a new post to be published sooner, and then, on the right side (see image) from where we drafts a post or publishes it finally, see just above their option saying Publish Immediately, which needs to be edited.

As soon as you click on the button like image details opens which can be managed by you. After scheduling the post timings click on the okay button which will change your Publish button to schedule.

Preview your article to see whether something is left to be managed or not and after that you are required to take the final step i.e. click on the schedule button which will turn the schedule button to update button which appears when you publishes a post or page normally.

This means that the post is scheduled for the commanded period and will take the action as soon as the time is approached. This way you can keep your Site automatic updating in your absence due to Trips or Studies or other Business reasons.

Hopes this helps you about scheduling feature to see it live you can see our schedules articles which are going to appear on the following days:

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Feeling Great!

Himanshu Goel