Bollywood Industry Adding Another Pornstar in Business? Why?

Hey All! You can see it as a news update or can feel this personally.

This is really good to see that our Bollywood Industry is growing day by day and showing more colors & talents on the Big Screen, but their is a doubt in my mind that do really Indian Women are no more Beautiful and Attractive in the Industry to take care of Business.

I mean *** is happening to the people the one who are known throughout the world for their culture or shall I change my mind to that they were known for their Culture, as now preferring “Porn Stars” to entertain us. After Sunny Leone, now Shanti Dynamite originally Sofia Vasileiadou, seems to be introduced in the Bollywood Industry as an Actress by Shah Rukh Khan (according to the below small video presented…). What more could be expected by……

This is really challenging and Bad to feel that Ignoring Real Beauties & Talents things are moving towards “Showing Off“, and the worst thing I hears when my friend(s) asks me for such movies “Oye Chal raha hai kya dekhne…?”. Shall I do expenditure on such things, I can’t. Movies passes a message to its viewer and emphasize the content with entertainment so that we could continuously grab the story, but now it seems that its all about Entertainment – Entertainment – Entertainment.


According to,

It’s a known fact that Salman Khan has always had a thing for foreign beauties, be it for ex-flame Katrina Kaif or his alleged current Romanian girlfriend Iulia Vantur. And then there are foreign beauties lining up at his door, like Swedish-Greek beauty Elli Avram and British-Pakistani singer-actor Sofia Hayat who have expressed their wish to work with the Dabangg Khan.

And now after Elli and Sofia, it’s Playboy cover girl Shanti Dynamite who has fallen in love with the Jai Ho actor and has expressed her desire to come to India to work with Sallu miyaan. “If someone offers me a good script, I would love to work in Bollywood movies and especially with Salman Khan. He is a wonderful actor and very good-looking,” said Shanti in a recent interview.

Check out this video (Bollywood Uncut)

According to ABP News,

It seems that many people are following the footsteps of Sunny Leone. After her, now Shanti Dynamite is ready to make a debut in Bollywood.  Dynamite will be seen in Rupesh Paul’s upcoming production which is believed to be a combination of a gangster and erotica adding some horror to it.

But, the wondering thing is that “How they are getting privilege in the Bollywood…?” This may be due to their Die Hard Fans (Yes, already fans of them) who are willing to see more and more, whereas, there are also some people who even hesitates talking and sharing about such movies or linked characters.

Seriously, I Personally feels that we ourselves weakens our economy and status by using external sources as an alternatives even when we do not require to do so… I can challenge that there are much better Faces and Talents lying in the Nation but are hidden or hided due to non-co-operation with the system which we hears and sees in the movies itself.

May be there are many who won’t be agreeing to this, or may be all of you won’t but, It was what we liked to share… At this moment we would really like to see your views and shares over this and make this really an huge topic…