Bollywood Movies that can have a remake right now

Remakes have come to reign as the order of the day in recent years. From movies to music, everything is being remade such that the younger generation get the feel of the yesteryear’s and the older ones are not deprived either. Even though the remakes are highly critiqued there is a lot of money that rides on these movies.

This makes it necessary that only the most memorable of the movies so far are made into brand new ones, that too, by the best directors around today who can do proper justice to them. Let us look at the three most interesting Bollywood movies that would make highly popular remakes.

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Khuda Gawah – 1992 Bollywood

This movie starring Amitabh Bachchan could not ever make it to the most popular movies since it was far ahead of its time for the audience to realize its actual worth.

The leading characters like Nagarjuna, Danny Dengzonpa, Shilpa Shirodkar, Vikram Gokhale and Kiran Kumar had played one of the best roles of their careers in this epic that can give the modern movies a run for their money. This Movies was entirely Shot in Afghanistan which was one-of-a-kind, famous for the art-direction with lots of fight sequences and the high-octane climatic scene. Danny too excelled in the role of a Pathan in this film.

Gambler 1995 Bollywood

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Critics keep on complaining about the manner in which heroes are portrayed in mainstream Bollywood movies – the figure next to God. Gambler was a movie that had broken the norms of its times by portraying a protagonist who is flawed.

Gambler the Movie released in 1995, starring Govinda had a unique storyline where he finds out that he has a deadly disease which made him worried and forced him to think “How he should make ends meet for his family?”.

He decides to die on duty (as this could increase the Insurance amount) since that way his family would be awarded a higher amount of money. Being a coward cop, he plots his own death by facing a group of goons. The climax of the movie is not highly praiseworthy; however, a little twist and changes would make the movie a real crowd-puller now.

Appu Raja 1990 Hindi dubbed

This movie was origanally known as Apoorva Sagodharargal which was later named and released as Appu Raja and was not actually a Bollywood movie but a Hindi Dubbed Movie.

Appu Raja 1990 Hindi Dubbed
However it was one of the best movies ever made down South that can be remade for today’s audience. The legendary Kamal Hasan gives by far his best performance in this one where he plays a double role, one brother with a deformity and the other a loafer. Their parents are killed and the deformed son finds out about it; which makes him plan out the murder of all the killers.

The concept of the movie is surely interesting, but the methods that Appu adopts to commit the murders are marvels in true sense of the word. Even Appu’s failed love story can succeed in touching the heart of audiences of any generation. The technologies available today would do proper justice to the screenplay that this movie and its script deserve.