Corruption – Disease With No Cure Yet (where life Begins and Ends)

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After a long time I am back with something really important and must share knowledgeable thought for all. I know its too late and you all must be waiting for the latest updates and sharing some more nice topics either related to Blogging, Computers, Thoughts etc…

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Also, All the content below provided is just with the concern and personal feelings. Needs no Violence related to it and i am no pointing towards any Living or Dead Person.

How, When and What Thought Came into my Mind?

Well, recently when I was watching Satyagraha (Hindi – Bollywood Movie) I was thinking on that very peak moment when Dadu (Character played by Amitabh Bachchan) was nearly to get fainted lying on the stage and suddenly some School Children reaches to meet him.

On that very moment I recalled my & Considered conditions of the current period and the hearings from the local people(s) about – The School Life where Students are Taught with the Ethics and having Faith in Truth. Also, showing them power of True Person & Teaching to Fight Against Corruption seemed all bulshit to me at that very moment. Read Why?

Corruption at the Name Of Donations

As the topic is really a serious matter that is why please understand it in short as I Cannot share the whole Never Ending List now.

So, This happened due to a practical thought came to my mind i.e. places where you get such Knowledge and Ethics – even charges you additional and forces you to do the same. As heard and I do believe that exceptions are there but what I believe now is that Corruption is a Disease with no Cure Yet.

Share Below: Any Suggestions to Solve Corruption Issues?

Because, a Child Starts Life with entering school and compulsory funds are taken at the names of donation, continues donating throughout life to gain respect and get spared by other corrupts, finally ends with getting Pension to survive as easy as Jobs after Graduation or Simple Education (Spending & Ending all Teenage and becoming an Adult to Start a new life….) without Intermediates.

Tension or Query !

All Govt. Employees Practically are the Employees to the General Public who are working and earning money which is finally Paid by General Public itself. Like – Whether you are paying Annual Income Tax or Not, but, you are still paying a part to their salaries. How?

Eg. If you are really buying any thing from the open market then you are buying products which are already tax paid and thus you small amount like a rs 10 cold drink bottle do consist a part of amount as pre-paid taxes which Company holders pays to Government to Run their brands and products (ultimately covering from us).

>> Please share this if you agree and let others to now about this and do make some suggestions what can be done to stop this or reduce this. Its time now or never.