Free Download Manager (FDM) – Manage & Resume Downloads

What Is A Free Download Manager & How It Is Better In Use…?

FDM – Free Download Manager is software which can be used for various purposes related to downloading multiple files at a single time or making a Download Que which is managed by the FDM itself to continue downloading 1 by 1 individually or all together. See below for individual feature described of FDM:

Increase In Speed Of Downloads:

It increases your download speed up to 6 times to an normal browser downloading speed with an attractive feature of download resume that can be utilized for continuing your downloads in parts without breaking them off… interruption doesn’t harms the file downloading until/unless server stops responding (in any case).

Downloads online flash videos

Facebook Video Download with FDM

It also downloads video files directly from most of the Video Sites providing online videos like YouTube & Facebook. You can also, use this to download other Videos from Web Places that uses same kind of software that YouTube or Facebook uses…

Larger files download support

It supports contents and lets you download files or other data from any remote server using ftp, http & https including you to have a bit-torrent protocol support – (according to me it is complete source for downloading purpose)

Safest download options

Being a freeware software FDM provides you safer & selected downloads as it also allows you to download only the necessary or required portion of a zip file.

Multiple kinds of files support

Allows you to download any kind of software, Images, PDF, Documents, Zips, audio or video files etc. of any sizes.

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My Views on FDM – highly recommended

Best Download Manager as it is a freeware so no trial version or incomplete/inactive features & the best thing i likes about this software is that it directly downloads the online playing videos from anywhere like You-Tube or online watch Movies kind of sites etc…

While downloading any media file can also be viewed in between the incomplete download that allows you to check the quality of the file before it gets fully downloaded. Also, it is a portable software that is if once installed than you can easily remove (not recommended) & can be shared by the program files installed too (no need to install again & again).

Things to be kept in mind:-
  • Install FDM after all browsers are installed as it provides a plug-in for downloading video.
  • Best works with the Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox for downloads add-ons else compatible with some other browsers also.
  • Allows you to set a Default Download Folder anywhere on your computer as well as you can Choose Destination at the time of downloading files.
  • You can Schedule Downloads, pause while working surfing to resume afterwards, shut down pc and Resume after start. Very light software.

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