Fully Described Cricket Field Position & Points

Cricket Field Positions Are Named To Various Aspects Such Names As Fine Leg, Gully Or Third Man Etc. However, All Players Should Follow The Path Of Fielding With Fulfilling All The Terms Meant For Players And Due To Which Fielding Is Really A Vital Part Of The Game.

As The Team Consists Eleven Players Each Out Of Which At The Time Of Fielding 1(One) Has To Bowl Called Bowler And Another 1(One) Has To Step Behind Wickets Called Wicket Keeper(WK), Rest Left With 9 Players And As You Can See In The Above Picture That There Are Various Positions Which Can’t Be Controlled At The Same Time By All These 9 Players. Now, The Positions Of These Fielders Are Set By The Captain Of The Team, Who Comes Up With Plans In His Mind To Capture The Maximum Places Where Ball Can Lead Towards The Field Position In Cricket. Well, In Case Of Bad Bowling Captain Is Not Responsible For The Runs Leaded By The Batsmen, As A Bowler Can Pressurize The Batsmen To Play Acc. To Bowler By Bowling Trickily Which May Lead Either The Shot Played Towards The Preset Fielder Or Falling Down Of Wickets.

At Earlier Times Cricket Was Followed By The Batting And Bowling Skills But Now-A-Days Fielding Skills Are Showing Up A Vital Part Of The Game, As This Step Changes The Status Of Playing Game Ball By Ball. As If All The Fielders Are Able To Manage Fielding With A Good Quality Of Handling The Ball, Can Lead Towards The Winning Or Losing Point Of The Cricket Game.

Slip Fielders Have The Immediate Reactions And Good Ability To Take Catches That Arrives Unexpectedly & Quickly And At All Angles. After Them Expert Cover Fielders Have The Speed And Ability To Stop Potential Boundary Shots, Along With Returning Ball Fast And Accurately Over The Stumps To The Wicketkeeper(WK). Finally, Deep Fielders Are Good At Judgement For High Catches, Along With The Ability Of Returning The Ball Quickly With Their Strong Throwing Arm And Preventing Runs Form Increasing. These Fielders Are Also Expert At Their Fielding Positions To Do So With An Experience And Practice Sessions.

The Fielder Positions At The Back Of The Batting Wickets Is Known As Wicket Keeper(WK). He Is Highly Skilled At His Work With Unique Features And Is Standing To Catch All Balls Revert Back Whether Played By The Player Or Not. If A Fast Bowler Is Bowling Than Wicket Keeper Stands A Little Back On His Position Taking No Chance Of Losing Ball From His Hand (This Could Lead To Extra Runs By The Batting Team). And In Case Of Spinner Or Slow Bowler The Wicket Keeper(WK) Stands Closer To The Wickets So That If Got A Chance He Could Stump Out The Batsmen.

Rest Of The 9 Fielders Are Positioned In The Following Manner As You Can See The Above Image Showing –

The Fielder Stands Next To The Wicket Keeper Called Slip Fielders. Their Objective Is To Take Catches That Fly Off The Edge Of The Bat. The Slip Fielders Have To Take Fast Actions When A Ball Is Played For Fast Catches, Or Cuts/Edges Played Shots Or Some Other Closer Mistakes Made By The Batsmen. One Important Position Is ‘First Slip‘ Which Is Often Set Deeper Than The Wicketkeeper, Because Fine Edges Are Mostly Very Quick Compared To Other Edges.

There Is Very Defensive Cricket Fielding Position Set For Third Man, To Prevent Anything Passing The Slips Or Gully From Reaching The Boundary. Third Man Is For Covering A Large Area Like A Boundary Fielder With The Purpose Of Stopping Ball Touching The Boundary. However, Some Times A Short Third Man Is Positioned By The Bowlers To Prevent Singles, Or Even Take Catches That Overs The Gully.

Gully Must Field Shots That Are Often Hit Hard Off The Face Of The Bat. So, This Is Another Specialist Position That Needs Fast Reactions And A Safe Pair Of Hands, To Stop Runs And Take Spectacular Catches.

Point Is A Very Busy Position, Here The Fielder Is Always Prepared To Field For Hit Square Cuts Or Square Drives Which Comes Off The Face Of The Bat Or, A Sometimes A Slow Bowler Places This Fielder At “Silly Point” – Very Close To The Batsman, To Catch Any Bat/Pad Chances.

“Silly” Position – A Position Where Fielder Has To Take Instant Actions To Avoid Strong Shots For Boundaries. Anyone Fielding Very Close To The Bat Should Wear A Protective Helmet And Shin Guards Whether How Experienced He Had Played In His Lifetime/Older Times.

The Cover Position Includes The Area Between Point And Mid Off. It’s Another Predefined Position For Putting Pressure On Batsmen By Cutting Off Runs And Threatening Run-Outs. Easily Shot Playable Direction So Player Needs To Block The Place For The Batsmen.

Mid Off Fielding Position For Stopping The Off Straight Drives And Quick Singles.Better Position For The Captain To Field, So That He Can Discuss About Tactics & Encouraging The Bowler Being Closer To The Bowler.

Mid Wicket And Square Leg Are Generally Defensive Positions For Cutting Off Boundaries And Preventing Quick Singles. However, They Must Also Be Prepared For Sharp Catches Arrives Due To Misjudged Hooks And Pulls By The Batsmen.

Fine Leg Is A Position Which Lets Bowlers To Rest Between Overs As Treated By Captains Or After A Long Bowling Spell. But, If Batsmen Are Skilled At Playing The Ball Square Or Fine Off Their Legs Then It Can Be A Busy Area For Fielders Placed Their & Preference To This Position As It Is Better For Short Services And Deep Positioning Fielding Too As You Can See The Position Is In Between The Deep Point And Short Positions.

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