Girls Vs Boys – A Never Ending Topic

Hi Friends!

(My Personal Experience) – Himanshu Goel

(Blushing) Sitting Idle At A Public Place Waiting For Someone Isn’t Too Hard For Me. Actually, I Wonder Sometimes About What We Feel When We Do Some Activity, Ya Like How We Are Looking – This May Be Cool – People May Attract Due To This – & So On…

Well, Today I Am Gonna Talk About Girls Vs Boys – In Short As It Is A Never Ending Topic.


As I Mentioned Above That I Was Sitting Idle And Waiting For Someone I Noticed Many Things Happened Around Me Within A Very Short Period Of Time. A Group Of Boys Came Out Of Their Car And Before Taking A Fresh Deep Breath Or A Body Stretch Just Toggled Their Eyes Around May For A Search Of Girls Group Or Something And When Came With Nothing Of Their Hopes They Sat Back In Their Car And Started Loud Music.



The Other Thing I Saw Was A Group Of 2 Men And They Were In A Wait Or Something There And Sitting Like Me Over There Bike But Were Unlike Me They Were Not Sitting Idle. The Moment They Came Out Of A Place And Sat Over The Bike They Just Got A 1st Thought In Their Mind Of Smoking And Started There Itself.

Smartest Move!

Another Group Of 3 Boys And A Girl Around A Single Bike Was Gathered There Before My Presence And Were Gossiping Louder And Full Of Laughter. The 3 Guys Were Just Like In A Mood To Catch The Best Attraction Of The Girl Along With The People In Their Surroundings To See A Girl With Him, But The Matter Of Fact I Noticed Was Really Different – As It Seemed To Me That The Girl Was Trying To Hack The Mind Of All And Was Ready For Her Next Partying Without Paying Herself.

Puzzled Or Lost!

A Family Was There With 2 Small Kids *(Boy And A Girl) Who Were Fighting After A Cheapest Thing Present There. The Boy Had A Straw With Him When They Were Out Of A Restrau And The Girl Was Just Like Please Give Me The Straw Bro. And Their Parents Were Like As If They Got Their 1st Date In Front Of Their Kids And Sometimes Ignored The Kids As If They Do Not Have Any.

Coolest Of All!

A Group Of 3 Girls Young Females And Were Moving Just Along That Above Mentioned Family (Believe Me Earlier I Thought That They Are Together) Came After The Family & Went Before The Family Towards The Car And While The Kids Were In Their Mood, The Girls Started Photo-Shoot. I Mean That Was Awesome Flavor I Like About The Girls That They Are Enjoying And Engaged Within Themselves Where As Men/Boys Require Other To Join Them Always. Later When The Family Reached To The Same Car (They Owed) Those Girls Returned To The Opposite Direction. That Was The Surprise That Those Girls Were Not For The Car And Even The Car Was Not In Their Way But They Just Enjoyed With The Things That Doesn’t Belongs To Them.

Moral : Girls Have Much Better Options And Ways To Share Happiness In Accordance To Their Group, Surroundings And Environment Whereas Boys Always Seems On The Other Side Of The World Either By Teasing Each Other, Commenting Or Polluting Environment.

May Be These Things Doesn’t Happens Always But At That Moment This Was To Me. May Be Girls Also Goes For Other Side Or Boys Are Also To The Same Side But That Moment Was This Side.

Thanking You,

Himanshu Goel