Guthi ki kahani – Kapil ki Zubani

This is for all the Lovers of – “Comedy Nights with Kapil” run by “Kapil Sharma” who likely watches that program especially to see “Guthi” the funniest character played by “Sunil Grover”.

Guthi (Sunil Grover) has discontinued with the “Comedy Nights with Kapil” and stated that – he wants’ to start his own Show and not leaving due to money issues. But he hasn’t shared anything about his new show and felt keeping quiet is a better option for now…

Well, after all this Kapil Sharma has said that he is happy with success of all his co-actors and supporters and says that he is not upset with this. In fact Kapil Sharma says that he is happy with the success of others and have no issues related to this neither officially nor personally…

According to news Kapil Sharma have told them that the Guthi have discontinued with the Show and wants to start a new show, rest information about that new show is not yet disclosed. Additionally, Kapil told that between Production Team and Sunil Grover {Guthi} there was an issue raised related to the Contracts, due to which Sunil was Sad and left the Place without continuing his work. Kapil Sharma also said that the Sunil Grover was liked by every single person of their team and no one was against Him.

My Feelings about this:

It seems that the Guthi character have successfully gathered the attention of the general public and became more popular than other characters of “Comedy Nights with Kapil”.

Another thing is that even I liked Guthi’s character and therefore I am waiting for the new show to be released as soon as possible and let’s see what Sunil Grover can do after this.

Sunil Grover is having an open invitation to once again join the Comedy Nights with Kapil and also Kapil Sharma is really tensed and puzzled that why did he left the show…?

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  1. i want to give the suggestion for the new comer for gutthi…siddharth jadhav..who played as a partner with bharti in comedy circus..

  2. i waana to give suggestions for the new comer as gutthi…siddharth yadhav who played as a partner of bharti in comedy circus…although sunil grover is best…but i think siddharth will also do an xceellent job…:)

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