Happy Independence Day To All By Himanshu Goel | 67yrs of Happiness

Happy Independence Day !

May, you all feel the breeze of Happiness and Joy. This Auspicious Day was Started form 15th August 1947, when, we united from the Biggest Terror which is still a Terror (pakistan) to our Country & Country People – INDIANS.


According which I Still Thinks Sometimes Watching News – That yes, we had left in past the Biggest Terror i.e. Pakistan, a place I would never like to visit or get re-united in compare to other Partitions made of our Home Land Bharat.

Even Google an Outsider has an Belief and yet made his Google Doodle to proud us once again.

Our Legends, never thought of going for the Nation which will fight further to get Freedom from Internal Sources itself. If They,

Would every knew about this Day will Come like this, I am sure that before going somewhere else they would have had settled this one for forever. Salute Them At least They did what they could for Country People.

I Wish Everyone to Read This Once – at least for now, and Share your Feeling after Reading Our True Existence.

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Shared & Wishes by,

Himanshu Goel