Some People/ Readers feels Annoying, if they are Redirected to a Different Site. Why? Why Not?

Redirecting to a New Site is Good or Annoying with the point of view being a Follower or Visitor. Some people feels they clicked some wrong button or link due to which they are Redirected to a New Place.

What is Redirecting to a Different Site?

Redirecting to a Different Site or Domain refers to Linking other Sites with the current site for a particular information or reason which cannot/ should be copied to current site, but it is necessary for sharing and spreading the locked knowledge there.

What was my point of view over this redirecting to a New Site Option

Earlier, I was also wondering that why people redirects us to other site while we are back on their blog. we come up with the purpose of reading the Articles of the current site because they tastes good to us and we need that flavor (Information). That was too annoying, whenever we click on a text link for getting more knowledge about that Highlighted word but, it takes us to a new place with or without any Communication Link.

What is my point of view now, over this redirecting to a New Site Option

Well, after thinking too much and having an experience for so long surfing through the Internet, what comes in my mind is that this thing is not too bad, as we gets gets a chance to see a New Site or Blog. Remember, the world is Full of knowledge whether it is a Real World or a Virtual Web World, you never know where is the exact info kept for you or you need.

While Clicking an Advertisement you are switched to Another Site

Although, we have made arrangements of taking for a New Site or Blog or even our other Articles in a New Tab Page. but, yes we are limited with these Advertisements option which Randomly changes and may take you to other sites by closing ours. Well, what’s the matter in this, I mean you have our Web Address and can come after the Advertisement purpose is over which may offer something better to you as expected. – All Done for collecting some to Run this Blog.

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Another thing is that if you are not familiar to our blog or any other Blog that you may be reaching in future, than you must make an habit of bookmarking the webpage or like it or you must Subscribe to that Blog if there is something you think you will need to come up again. if you uses a Browser Cache or History Cleaner, than you must Subscribe to that blog or write some where its URL.

What is the Conclusion to this Conversation

At last, I would like to say that you must go for all new places as this not only leaves you with multiple options and opinions about same topics but also, brings more cheerful results. you gets a complete review on the same Topic Mentioned or Described on similar Multiple Blogs.

Tips For Bloggers:

Feel free to use and share links to Our or Other Sites, beware, use Back-links and Credits if using others information in a beautiful manner, and to keep visitors trusted on you – you are permitted to use or post this article on your site and do not forget to give a credit link to this article. Don’t Loose your Visitors: See How

More, you can do one thing to bring this info into notice of readers/ visitors you can keep a short-link to this Article (whether of your own site – if copied) on sidebar or at the Posts-end or may be a permanent link in Privacy Policy/ Disclaimer Pages , so that they can read this and understand your Link Sharing Importance.

Thanking You,

Himanshu Goel

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