Link To Open In A New Tab, Using A WordPress Plugin (Perfect Solution)

For WordPress Bloggers there is a great plugin called “Open in New Window Plugin” by Keith P. Graham, which works for all kinds of External Links, Detects them and Automatically Opens them in a New Tab.

We Discussed in Types Of Links (Open In New Tab using HTML Codes), where there was a solution for opening a Link in a New Tab whether it was an External or an Internal Link. But, WordPress users are lucky, that they got too much with their WordPress Blog which seems Not Just a Blog to me Anymore. As, the WordPress Blogs uses Supportive Plugins which makes work for the Webmasters so easier and Implements all the High Level Codes Automatically.

Although, we can help out with at least all the External Links used for our Own Blog, with the Help of This Plugin. So, let’s get started with it and see how it works for you with few simple steps:

How To Install “Open in New Window Plugin

1. You can Download This Plugin from here and than upload it to your WordPress Plugins Directory, or simply use Add a New Plugin From WordPress and Search for Open in New Window Plugin.

2. Now, Activate the Plugin as it is installed in the Plugins Directory but not yet Activated. (See here if you Don’t Know How?)

3. Now go to settings to get the Installed & Activated Plugin in Action. Opening External Links in New Window Tab.

4. Finally, check box the only option and click Save Changes ! Congo !

Now, every External Link will open in a new tab window, whether the link is in your Custom Menu, Header, Sidebar, Footer, In Post or In Page, no matter they will now be opening in a new tab.

Note: This Plugin can target every link in a New Tab Window, but, has its limitation with Iframe’s and JavaScript’s as they are themselves considered as an External Sources.

Now, For opening Internal Links in a New Tab Window

It is very simple to add a new tab follow option in WordPress for internal links but, this has to be done manually for each links at the time of Attaching a Link or Updating an old Link. just follow:

1. While writing your Post or Article when you choose to add a link either by clicking on the Link Button (see image) or using keyboard shortcut (shift + alt + A), a new small window gets opened up as shown in the image.

2. Now, after checking (tick) the Open link in a new tab/window option, click on Add Link button and save the Post or Page.

It’s done now whenever someone view that Port or Page and click over that Particular Link, the new tab will open the link.

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