What are Back-links or Giving Credits or Sources

After So Long I am Back. This delay was due to some business (some new projects). I was about to share this long time ago but got the time now to talk about “Back-links or Giving Credits or Sources

Well, before we start about “Back-links or Giving Credits or Sources” you must need to first understand about Links and their types i.e. Internal Links & External Links

If you don’t know much about Links please use This Link to see more about Links.

Now, let’s start about “Back-links or Giving Credits or Sources

First of all in this Article all these terms are used for same keyword i.e. Back-link (In Terms of Blogging).

Where and when a Back link is required?

If you are using some Information and/or re-Modifying an Old Article you need to use a Back link in that case so that the other person/ Blogger if gets knowledge about it, he/she may not create an issue against your Site or Blog which Search Engines will accept as Usage Against Policies.

Who will know that you are Copying Content from other site?

You never know who and how can a web master or any Search Engine will track you with the copied content. This can result with initially closure of you Ad-sense Account for which every Blogger starts a Blog initially and which also let’s the Blogger to have some income for all the expenditure for that Blog.

What if we uses a Back link to Credit a Site or Webpage? do it Benefits

Well, as soon as you do this and you publishes the Post or Article, there is a feature called Ping-Back/ Track-back which gets into action and let the Actual Owner of the Article or Webpage to know about the Information Shared, if the Ping-Back/ Track-back option is active from there side.

Due to this you want get under the Act of Copyright content and moreover, if the Actual Owner have any problem you will be asked to remove the article or to change some information and finally, gets you out of the risk.

What if you are using your Own Old Article as a Source of the same site?

That’s not a issue because you have the copyrights of your sites content and you can re-use it anytime whenever you need. Even if the Author of the Article is someone else on your Blog or Site you can use that information.

What if we don’t give a Back-Link or Credits?

Nothing will happen more than if your site is tracked by someone or Search Engine with Copying Content your Site will be Black Listed from the Search Results and will be considered under a scam which will lead to zero response on that particular Blog and cannot be maintained again. This is only thing you will face, except what I missed is that the original content provider can even sue you.

What if using an Article from another Site you Own or Of a Site where you are an Author?

If you are the Real Author of an Article posted on Another Site you own or any Sub-Domain of your own or any where else you are joined as an Author, you need to use a Credit Link or Source Link. You have to place a Back-link at the End or Middle of that Article and mentioning about the Original Page as a Source. If you own that Site then you must link to it as this helps in Increasing Page Rank by Site-Linking.


If you are using your own content from an external source, you can say “as i have shared some similar info at : Source Link” or if you are copying from your owned other blog then simply add as I have also shared about the same at “Source Link“.

If you are using information from completely external source than you must concentrate over providing write information like: this is also been shared on “Source Link” or starting with a “Source Link ” assigned to the Author Name{ Author Name also shared in his post about – with the flow of content}

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