How To Change The Default Language Of Your PC & Other Applications or Software? Why ?

Before we start with this concept of changing Default Systems Language we must consider and be prepared with our Back-Up your settings in case something unlike gets happened. Though, normally there are Zero chances of anything getting wrong except if you go very speedy and chooses a wrong language in case of Being Hurry. In case you are not familiar with the Procedure or Purpose Please Check Now.

How To Change The Default Language Of Your PC – Personal Computer

Just go to Control Panel and select the option Region and Language as soon as you do this a pop-up message box will open up in front of you like the image shown below. (in case of using windows 7 or 8 you can simply Type Region and Language and click or enter on the option with same name at the top of the list in start menu (7) on front page (8) windows).

Now, look at the highlighted option in the image provided and select from there the Regional Language you want to use from now on. and in case if you don’t like it or wanna use for a short period of time or permanent, it won’t matter as your windows won’t be restricting to change it again and again. do as many times you need to do it.

Note: if you are Installing any Application or Software after changing the Default Language of your system, in this case if your software or app supports your default language will show you at the time of install that same language which can be changed at the same time or later.

What if you need to change the Location of Your Computer

Then with the same procedure reach to the same window as shown in the image and later swap to the option Location and finally, select your Current Country/ Location as needed (see the images below)

How to change the language of a particular Software or Application

This is a Little bit differ and longer procedure in some cases, as for this you have easier setup to enter the Software or Application language as desired at the time of Installation. but if you need to change it later you will have to find the options within the menu tab of the Software or Application. Every different Software or Application has a different method of changing their Language and the change in the language of a software will not effect the Language used of Windows or Vice-Versa.

Support: in case you are unable to find the method of changing the language please let me know and Contact me I’ll help you with the complete procedure or if you have a better option please share here and let others know about it.

Why to change the Default Language of Windows or Software or Application

There can be any of the Following reasons behind the purpose of changing the Language:

While doing a documentary work on your Computer System you do need to get a spell check feature activated to reduce mistakes as low as possible, and this can be done easily by choosing the Working Language as a Default Language for which you are doing the documentary work on your Computer.

For Ease and Comfort

Better communication with your Computer

To complete Documents in their preferred Language and No Grammar Issues.