Health Benefits Of Bananas – By Kriti Sharma

Bananas Have Several Health Benefits That Many Other Fruits Do Not Have. These Yellow-Skinned Fruits Are Ideal For Health Because They Have A Sweet Taste That Most People Enjoy. Bananas Are Also Convenient Because You Can Carry Them With You Whenever You Are In A Hurry. All Of These Factors Combined Make The Banana A Super Food That Is An Integral Part Of A Healthy Daily Regimen.


Some Health Benefits Of Bananas:

1. Healthy Digestive Tract

Bananas Can Diminish The Uncomfortable Effects Of Diarrhea And Constipation. The High Amounts Of Potassium In Bananas Can Restock Electrolytes That Are Easily Depleted When Suffering From Diarrhea Potassium Being An Important Electrolyte Itself. Furthermore, Bananas Can Relieve The Body From Constipation And Help Restore Regular Digestion With Pectin, A Soluble Polysaccharide That Helps Normalize The Digestive Tract.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

Studies Show That The High Amounts Of Potassium In Bananas (Over 13% Of The Rda) Can Lower One’s Blood Pressure, Which In Turn Lessens The Possibility Of Atherosclerosis, Heart Attack And Stroke.

3. Bone Health

Along With Lowering Blood Pressure, Potassium Prevents The Weakening Of The Body’s Bones. A High Sodium Intake, Which Is Typical Of Many American Diets, Can Cause Excessive Amount Of Calcium To Be Lost Through The Urine, Which Threatens Not Only The Strength And General Health Of The Bones, But Also Negatively Affects Blood Clotting, Proper Muscle Contraction, And Normal Nervous System Function. The Potassium Found In Bananas Neutralizes The High Amounts Of Sodium In One’s Diet, Thus Allowing For Healthy Amounts Of Calcium To Remain Within The Body.
4. High Nutrient Absorption
The Potassium In Bananas Is Not The Only Means To Ensure Healthy Levels Of Calcium In The Body. Bananas Also Contain High Levels Of Fructooligosaccharide (Fos) That–Along With Insulin Promotes Calcium Absorption. Fos Further Nourishes Healthy Bacteria In The Colon That Manufacture Vitamins And Digestive Enzymes That Boost The Body’s Overall Ability To Absorb Nutrients.


5. Helps In Digestion

One Banana Has 11% Of The RDA Of Dietary ?ber And Only About 108 Calories. The ?ber In Bananas Not Only Keeps Digestion Regular, But Also Helps Maintain Low Blood Sugar And Curbs Overeating.

6. Bananas Provide Energy

Because of the abundance of vitamins and minerals, bananas are a great source of natural energy. Eating only two bananas will give you enough energy to exercise or workout for an hour and a half.

7. Bananas are Great for Pregnant Women
Because of their calming properties, pregnant women often eat bananas to combat their morning sickness. They also help to replenish the body and restore a healthy blood glucose level. In addition, they also help regulate a pregnant woman’s temperature, although this is mostly used in other cultures that rely more heavily on natural cures.

8. Cancer Prevention

A Large Study By The Internal Journal Of Cancer Illustrates That The Probability Of Developing Kidney Cancer Is Greatly Lessened By Frequent Consumption Of Fruits And Vegetables, Though Especially Bananas. For Instance, The Probability Of Developing Kidney Cancer In Female Subjects Decreased By 50% When Eating Bananas Four To Six Times A Week.


Kriti Sharma