Health Benefits Of Litchi – By Kriti Sharma

Delicious And Juicy Litchi Reminds You The Arrival Of Summer. Litchis, Are Not Only Eye Catching In Spring When The Huge Sprays Of Flowers Adorn The Tree But Also Is A Stunning Sight For Nature Lovers When The Tree Is Full Of Berries. Litchi Tree Is A Slow Growing, Medium Sized Evergreen Tree With Dense, Round-Topped Foliage, And Smooth, Gray, Brittle Trunk And Branches. Litchis Not Only Look Very Beautiful When On Tree But Are Extremely Delicious And Healthy As Well.

 Some Health Benefits Of Litchis:

  • Helps In Weight Loss– Litchi Fruit Contains 66 Calories Per 100 G, Comparable To That In The Table-Grapes. It Has No Saturated Fats Or Cholesterol, But Composes Of Good Amounts Of Dietary Fiber, Vitamins, And Antioxidants.
  • Contains Vitamin C– Litchi, Like Citrus Fruits, Is An Excellent Source Of Vitamin C, 100 G Fresh Fruits Provide 71.5 Mg Or 119% Of Daily Recommended Value. Studies Suggest That Consumption Of Fruits Rich In Vitamin C Helps The Human Body Develop Resistance Against Infectious Agents And Scavenge Harmful, Pro-Inflammatory Free Radicals.
  • High In Oligonal– Oligonal Is Found Abundantly In Litchi Fruit. Oligonol Has Anti-Oxidant And Anti-Influenza Virus Actions. In Addition, It Helps Improve Blood Flow In Organs, Reduce Weight, And Protect Skin From Harmful UV Rays.

Good Source Of B Complex Vitamins– These Vitamins Are Essential Since They Function By Acting As Co-Factors To Help The Body Metabolize Carbohydrates, Protein, And Fats.

  • Has Various Minerals– Litchi Also Contains A Good Amount Of Minerals Like Potassium And Copper. Potassium Is An Important Component Of Cell And Body Fluids Help Control Heart Rate And Blood Pressure; Thus, It Offers Protection Against Stroke And Coronary Heart Diseases. Copper Is Required In The Production Of Red Blood Cells.
  • Variety In Serving– Litchis Can Be Serverd In Various Ways. Like, Litchi Slices Can Be A Great Addition To Fruit Salads And Dressings, Litchi Juice Can Be A Refreshing Drink During Summer Season And Litchis Can Be Used In Jellies, Jams, Sorbet, Sauces, And Syrups.
  • Relieves A Stubborn Cough– Rather Than Overusing Often Mind-Altering Over-The-Counter Cough Medications, Try Eating Some Lyche. Besides Providing Cough Relief, They’ve Also Been Thought To Be Useful In Reducing Amounts Of Tumor And Gland Swelling.

Charge Your Batteries Lychee Enriches People’s Blood, Which Increases People’s Energy Levels. Although Not Critical To Children, But Enriched Blood And Increased Energy Is Extremely Helpful For The Weak And The Elderly.


Kriti Sharma