Health benefits of tea

Health benefits of tea

Have you ever considered the benefits of drinking tea? You might be surprised by how good it is for you.


Tea is filled with antioxidants which work to protect your body from outside pollution. Especially if you’re drinking green tea while you check the lottery numbers on etc. It’s the healthiest of the lot. Tea even helps renew skin cells and keeps you from ageing as quickly.


Unless you are adding a drop of milk to your cup, there are no calories in a cup of tea. In fact, you’re more likely to burn calories lifting the cup to your lips and gulping it down. So if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s a less calorific alternative to coffee, milkshakes, sodas and hot chocolate.

Are you relaxed?

Tea is the perfect remedy for a day filled with stress. Sitting down with a cup of tea relaxes your mind, and helps recharge the batteries, ready to start again. Camomile tea is recommended to help you along.

Faster metabolism

People who drink green tea have faster metabolisms than those who don’t. According to research, if you were to drink up to 5 cups of green tea a day, you’d burn an additional 70 to 80 calories in one day. So all you need to do is walk too and from the office where possible, and you’ll be fit and healthy.

Need variety

You never get bored of tea, because there are so many kinds. Green tea, jasmine tea, ginger tea, iced tea, you name it. As a result you’re more likely to drink it, which will benefit your health in the long run. Most tea lovers have a favourite flavour, of course, but it’s fun to change it up sometimes.


You can find tea anywhere in the world. Obviously people in Britain are known for loving tea – the average Englishmen drinks up to 4 cups of tea a day – but the world has its own love affair with tea too. Try jasmine tea in China, for example. You’ll never go without, even on holiday.