How much WordPress Plugins Should be Used?

This is really very important to consider and control the use of WordPress Plugins in a Single Site or Webpage. This may result to a negative impact and can lead your Site Down in both the ways Functionally and Socially (for users).

Why not to use too much WordPress Plugins?

There are various reasons for not using too much WordPress Plugins; firstly, they are full of additional scripts and imports which are loaded whenever a webpage is called whether the core codes of that Plugin was required or not.

Secondly, if there are options to make those changes without using WordPress Plugins than you must go for it and shall not use WordPress Plugins. This can include using a Plugin for some basic Facebook Add-On Feature like: Like box, Follow Button, Like Button etc…

(See: How to use Facebook Tools without using a WordPress Plugin)

Most importantly, all the users of WordPress must agree that it is the best platform for creating Blogs as well as Sites because it concentrates better on SEO and thus results with better Search Engine Optimization. Due to this Google and Major Search Engines are having trouble to locate the best and original content and there are using Stronger Algorithms like Panda, Penguin and so on.

People using more Plugins not only faces Heavier Webpage and Slower Loading but also can be affected by other Algorithms in search from the Source codes as Source codes can be tracked easily and are easiest way to find the Extra Smarty’s…

What can happen due to More WordPress Plugins?

WordPress Plugins when makes site loading slower can reduce your returning visitors as they will going to find the same information on the web at some other  Blog or Site but won’t be willing to waste time and waiting for the page to be loaded.

Whenever a webpage is loaded of a WordPress Site, in the source all the names and paths of the sources are also provided so that the Browser can go to the path import the instructions and run the Webpage. The Algorithms to catch specific names are also set up by the Search Engines and thus if you are using too much Plugins without having such knowledge of it can lead to an attack by the Algorithms which can De-Index your Site or Blog or Pages from Search Engine Indexing.

Suggestions or Tips to overcome this matter

You are advised to go to and check there which are the Plugins working fine and is also voted better than others for their particular uses.

You must try out a way (if there is possibility) of integrating codes instead of using Plugins for every Small Purposes. (Find Out Easiest Facebook Integration w/o Plugins)

Html & CSS are the best, easiest and lightest ever format of making Webpage compared to Ajax, JavaScript’s, etc. and thus it is recommended to use them first.