How To Add An Image To WordPress Profile And How To Maintain Profile Information

Adding an Image to WordPress Profile is really important to show the reader and followers that you are a Real Person and really blogging not spamming or spreading false information. Yes, before someone even reads your name or your details, they would really like to see your Profile Image first. Now, what should be done to make people believe on you:

Adding A Profile Image

Adding a Profile Image to your profile and your e-mail accounts associated with it is as important as proving them (readers) with your True Identity so they can trust you. All what you need to do is set-up a Gr-avatar Image with your e-mail that you are using for your WordPress Profile, which by default Shows an Image with your Profile details anywhere on the web instead of Blank Boxes or Irrelevant Pictures. like below


Not only this Ends up by adding an image to your e-mail account, but this activity reflects for you through out the web. this means that when you are leaving any comment, any where on the Web, your comment will be published with the image assigned to your e-mail account.

Editing & Updating Profile

Now, the very next thing is to keep your Profile Updated. It is very simple and a step by step process, just follow:

1. Log-in to your site Dashboard.

2. Either from left side menu, go to Users >> Your Profile | or Simply from the top right corner choose option Edit My Profile.

3. Now, fill up the Name Details as asked/ shown in the image provided. Please Re-Check your Information before you finally Update the information. (and yes, of-course do enter your own details not mine).

4. Now, comes the main part of updating the profile and where and how does it effects on the site when Readers check it out. Complete the About Yourself Profile in a neat and clear manner.

Tips: you can use 3rd form (language), <a> tags for giving proper link to other sites or blogs or profiles you have (optional), using a Secured Password with Symbol & Characters, finally, adding you Google+ profile link to the URL tab, which helps for Google Authorship (Trusted).

Now, Let’s see the effects created by this WordPress Profile Management, being a reader to your Own Website, that is it looking proper and do links (if any) are working properly. The Links must be opened in a new tab or else the Reader will loose your current Article and will be redirected to the Linked Location.


So, after doing all this so far we gets the result something like now, as shown in the First Image or to see live you can see below this post about the Author !

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